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JD Sports launches ‘Ditch the heels’ campaign

September 12, 2018

JD Women launches a new campaign to encourage females to embrace alternative attire within the workplace.…

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5 Cruise Ships that are perfect for young people

September 2, 2018

Although cruises have long been associated with families and retirees, they're becoming an increasingly popular holiday option for the younger crowd, here are 5 cruises for youg people.…

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Plastic Pollution top priority for Eco aware Brits

July 29, 2018

Plastic was named children's word of the year for 2018, which came as no surprise considering the increase in awareness and action being taken against plastic pollution across the globe.…

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Reasons to go to Bluedot Festival

July 26, 2018

With the recent announcement of Festival No.6 on hiatus our attentions turned to a festival of other sorts this weekend, with the return of bluedot for 2018. Set at Cheshire’s…

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What Love Island says for body diversity

June 5, 2018

We know, you're probably sick of hearing about it and it's only been 24 hours, but as Love Island returns a more important issue has been raised on social media…

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UK’s most successful names revealed

May 6, 2018

 Some of the UK’s top jobs go to people named David, research has found, with David emerging as the top name amongst British MPs, lawyers and millionaires.…

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Things we take for granted as Teenagers

May 4, 2018

They say the teenage years are the best years of your life, but for those of us past those days did we really take the time to stop and appreciate…

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Doubletree by Hilton Hotels Chester Review

April 23, 2018

A quick travel from Cheshire Oaks outlet stores and Chester Zoo, the Doubletree hotel by Hilton is perfectly situated for a week of indulgence and fun. STYLEetc headed down to…

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Interview: Carol Smillie launches new products for Women

March 31, 2018

TV presenter Carol Smilie takes on a new venture; Pretty Clever Pants and we caught up with her to find out all about her new take on period pants. …

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The Best Tartan from High End to High Street

February 25, 2018

STYLEetc peruses the new tartan trend, amidst the latest looks from fashion weeks across the globe. We go through three looks you can wear to nail the print in modern…

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Things no-one tells you about buying a House

February 19, 2018

It is the expected step into adulthood, a life goals checkbox ticked, but do you really know what you're getting into buying a house? Our Editor's recent experience proved certainly…

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6 Celebs we love this Galentines Day

February 14, 2018

We'd hate to segment out our single readers by only appealing to those loved up this Valentine's Day (we've already got the gift guide for all covered) so thought we'd…

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The Best Twitter Reactions to Lady Doritos

February 13, 2018

Equal rights for women? Not in Doritos latest Lady Crisp campaign it would seem. We round up the best reactions on the newest snack to market.…

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Cash Strapped Brits Run Out of Money on Day 3 of Holiday

February 6, 2018

Planning your holiday spends can be tough to plan, especially with the current economic uncertainty in currency exchange value as a new study shows 1 in 4 will run out…

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Valentine’s Gifts for Everyone

January 17, 2018

From your partner for Valentine's Day to your friend for Galentines, we have you covered with all inclusive gift suggestions this February.…

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Jungle Jet Setting: Rise in flights to far flung countries

December 26, 2017

A huge increase in flight searches to jungle locations including Bornea and India has occurred since this year’s I’m a Celebrity aired on ITV.…

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Why you should put your Christmas Tree up in November

November 21, 2017

It's the time of year where the UK becomes divided between Christmas lovers and festive haters so we're making the case for decorations in November.…

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Zoella: 12 Days of Christmas Controversy

November 15, 2017

Zoella's Lifestyle product; a 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar has kicked up a storm on Twitter over the value and quality of it's contents.…

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The Key to Gaining Confidence in your Twenties

November 14, 2017

Confidence can take time to gain in any area of life. Fortunately as you get older it gets easier, with your Twenties being crucial to defining confidence.…

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Ways to feel Autumnal 2017

October 3, 2017

We've rounded up some ideas for how to feel Autumnal and make the most of the current season. With Halloween and Bonfire Night what's not to love?…

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