Where to eat and drink in Monton?

March 14, 2019
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For a small space Monton has plenty to offer in terms of places to eat and drink. From cosy bars and pubs to family-owned pizzerias we take you through the best spots to head to if you find yourself in Monton one evening. You’ll find plenty to suit, with small, intimate venues decorated with pretty aesthetics to larger, modern places.

davardis pizza monton


The family-run restaurant serves a variety of homemade pizza, created with their ‘secret recipe’ tomato sauces on every pizza. Pizzas come on thin crusts and have names inspired by countries. You can try everything from a Mexican pepperoni to a simple Spanish with chicken.

The restaurant is compact so be sure to plan ahead before coming to get a table. You can also get delivery within the area if you don’t get chance to get out. Alongside pizza there are also starters and sides. We heartily recommend the rosemary salt potatoes to pair with your pizza. 

Vintage Ambiance

A cute pastel-infused cafe, Vintage Ambiance is an instagrammable spot with an equally pretty menu. Head here for a spot of breakfast, lunch or dinner. They even do afternoon tea in a few boozy or sober variations. 

On the breakfast menu you’ll be spoilt for choice, with options ranging from pancakes to build-your-own Eggs Benedict. We recommend adding some crispy bacon.

For later in the day, there is a whole section of the menu named ‘Gin-spiration’ which offers a host of gin infused cocktails. We picture this to be a great place to brunch then go onto drinks after.

6 cut pizza monton

6 / Cut Pizza

One thing Monton isn’t short on is pizzerias, but we do recommend 6/Cut just as much we do Davardi’s. 6 Cut offers a slightly different style of pizza to try. 6/Cut offers a sourdough base with little sauce but loads of cheese. Morishly good, the cheese on this pizza drips off for a melt-in-the-mouth experience. 

6/Cut has cute outdoor seating which is perfect for enjoying a beer alongside your pizza on those long summer evenings. 

The Park

The Park has transformed from your typical old man pub to a much hipper redesign which includes all-wooden decor. The benches and booths have been swapped out for bar stools and open space, leaving more room to dance and mingle. 

In a bid to modernise, the menus have also seen a revamp and new additions have been added; gin, rum and wine specialist menus are now available. As with the restaurants, there is also outdoor seating for sunny days and parking is available around the back if you don’t plan to drink.

the park monton pub
playfoots monton


A more upscale and initmate bar compared against the Park, Playfoots is better for the wine and cocktail connoisseur than the beer drinker.

In the day you can find sandwiches and breakfast items available for a quick bite to eat. In the evening the atmosphere is transformed to a more lively affair, with spirits aplenty and loud music blasting. You won’t get much space but you will get a fun evening, just be sure to get there before it fills up and bag yourself a table.


Blacksticks is one of the roomier choices in Monton to eat. It;s a great spot to get a traditional English breakfast. Compared against Vintage Ambiance’s cutesy vibe, Blacksticks is much more minimal and modern.  Blacksticks has a relaxed atmopshere where you can easily while away the hours. 

Not just for breakfast, the restaurant also offers lunch and dinner. The dinner menu includes an array of cured meats and cheeses, as well as traditional grilled meats and vegetarian options.

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