What they wore to Bluedot Festival 2019

July 26, 2019
style spotted outfits bluedot 2019

Bluedot proved to be another hit this year with festival revellers, as a new capacity of 21,000 people descended on Jodrell Bank for a weekend of music and science.


As always STYLEetc was in attendance, taking note of not only what happened at Bluedot 2019 but taking snaps of our favourite and most memorable looks sported across the weekend. Take a look at our full style spotted festival gallery below. Read on for a full breakdown on the unique way people dress for Bluedot, whether to get tips for how to dress for next year or simply relive 2019’s event.

Bluedot is in a realm all it’s own, fusing music and science in one event, which of course influences the looks of it’s attendees. There is an ‘anything goes’ vibe to the festival that allows people to fully express themselves. You won’t look out of place donning face paint or body glitter that’s for sure.


Taking inspiration from the science angle, there were lots of space inspired boiler suits. Revellers dressed as spacemen, complete with NASA logos and even inflatable aliens. Some even went for the alien look themselves, going all out with blue body paint and bodycon onesies. Many opted for wigs in bold shades, with matching make-up, making use of metallic shades and pops of colour. 


For those not wanting to go down the fancy dress route, classic festival attire is also accepted. Therewere your usual denim shorts aplenty, teamed with crop tops and rain macs (the weather wasn’t onside unfortunately). Another necessity was heavy duty boots or wellies, as after a weekend of constant rain the mud became difficult to navigate and no-one wanted to end up head to toe in it. We saw plenty of fun playsuits too, taking on fun patterns or boho-inspired fits for the carefree festival look that encapsulates the vibe of Bluedot.


Bottom line, you can pretty much wear whatever suits your style for Bluedot. If you want to go bold, go big. Definitely do some research on space influenced looks to take on and invest in some good props to go with. Alternately, go for the hippy route, thing fringing, tassels and rainbow coloured make-up to match.

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