Morning Routine Beauty Habit Tips

August 26, 2017
Morning Routine Beauty Habit Tips

Are you a morning person? If the answer is no then don’t feel bad, we all have those days where having that extra few minutes in bed compensates for looking and feeling sluggish.

Many women prefer to stick to a morning routine but this can be jeopardised when the long hours at work and lack of sleep takes its toll, preventing time to establish proper beauty habits.

All it takes is few to-do’s to be added to your morning schedule to keep you on track and keep you feeling radiant all day, despite the dark eyes and bed hair hidden underneath.

STYLE etc has come up with a few slight changes that can improve your morning routine:

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Always Moisturise

A necessity to every woman’s skin is a good moisturiser. When having a dry skin day or if you’re feeling under the weather, the last thing you want to do is apply my makeup but a decent moisturiser will help set your skin up as a base for light make-up.

Our recommendation is Astral moisturiser for face and body and it can be found at most large supermarkets and beauty stores including Boots and Superdrug for around £4.99.

Astral moisturiser gives a shiny and wet type of finish which automatically makes skin feel less dry and more hydrated. It also makes a pretty good primer, whether used as an underneath layer to any foundation or as a base.

When applied, Astral helps to relieve tired eyes throughout the day. Reality TV star, Samantha Faeirs has previously posted online that she swears by Astral moisturiser as a primer for underneath all her makeup, giving good recommendation.

Other more expensive alternatives include the Elizabeth Arden skin care range. Multi-purpose, the eight- hour cream is great for use as a lip balm or face moisturiser and is small enough to put in your handbag for work, always a bonus.

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Use what Beauty products you have available

One cheap and cheerful tip to stop your makeup from becoming patchy and non-existent by the end of the day is by using Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm as a primer, this is priced at below a fiver in all beauty stores and supermarkets.

Believe it or not, putting shave cream on just before you apply your makeup in the morning can work wonders, especially on hot days when sweating is not cool. There’s nothing wrong with borrowing this beauty essential off the man of the house, they’ll most likely never know.

water bottle hydrate beauty tips

Drink Water

Finally, it is so important to keep yourself hydrated. It sounds silly but by drinking a large glass of water this can contribute to your beauty regime as your skin is made up of mainly water. After a night of sleeping; your skin and body is ready for the fluids in the morning. Why not, to help keep this up, buy bottles of water in bulk and pop one in your handbag to ensure you can stay feeling fresh and healthy all day.

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