Book Review; Alexa Chung

March 18, 2014

At STYLEetc, we are always looking for new and exciting content, so when we were given the opportunity to review Alexa Chung’s memoirs, we jumped at the chance!


Published in September 2013, It, became one of the top ten bestsellers and it’s easy to see why. Alexa Chung has found her way into many a fashionista’s heart which her quirky trends and unique style and her acting, modelling and presenting has catapulted her media persona.


The book, reads like a conversation between the reader and Alexa, with insights into her life from a young a child. It is made of up her own personal images and sketches, given the book the feel of a diary and that we are intruding.



It also tells us where she gets her inspiration from and as a literature student, I was especially pleased by her passion for the subject. Her favourite book is Lolita and she reveals that this is where she gets her summer fashion inspiration from. Alexa’s other inspirations include, Natalie Portman in Leon, Winona Ryder in Heathers and Anna Karina.

She also gives us tips on how to get dressed, how to survive at a festival and the items in her wardrobe that she can not live without. These include denim hotpants, a Burberry trench coat, a canvas tote, ankle boots and a pair of Wayfarer’s.

The book is witty and charming, and is a must read for any Alexa fan as it gives an intimate view into her world.

My only criticism is that it feels like the book isn’t finish at the end, but maybe that’s because Alexa is still in the prime of career. Because of this, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a sequel some time in the future.

Alexa Chung, It, is published by Particular Books and is priced at £16.99

By Emily Parker

Pictures photographed from the book.

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