10 things that will stop you selling your house

September 8, 2017
10 things that will stop you selling your house

With reported improvement in house sales in the current climate, selling your house should hopefully be getting easier, especially in the North West where demand seems to be booming at the moment. But are there things missed that are stopping you from selling your home? One survey claims to have the answers.

The Top 10 Put Offs

homebuying put offs

Unsurprisingly, Location was the number one put off, quite clearly no matter how much you love a property you can’t pick it up and move it on a whim if the neighbourhood turns bad. Other main put offs included cost (definitely no shocks there) and the structure, showing people’s concerns about value for money in the current Brexit climate.

Personality showed to be key in setting your home apart from the competition in the market as a common comment given in answers was that buyers vehemently did not want a ‘cookie cutter’ house, perhaps a nod to the identikit new builds being thrown up around Manchester and many other parts of the country which can sometimes lack that personal touch.

the perfect home uk

The Perfect Home

So what were the factors likely to increase sales? The survey had plenty to offer on positives too as answers revealed a picture of the ideal home a UK buyer is currently looking for. The key to selling quick seems to be in the aesthetic, with prospective homeowners searching for a minimal and modern interior, preferably all the core rooms painted white.

Attaining the perfect size was also a concern with a three bears style approach to appeasing the masses as some buyers wanted ‘not too big’ a house and others ‘not too small’. Of course the ideal house will change depending on personal taste, this simply gives insight to the majority, so try not to be too dejected if your property doesn’t live up to the average choice.

Generational Divide

Interestingly, generational splits were found in the answers as older people admit planning their first homes were deigned to be lived in for the long run, whereas millennials swayed more to the 1-5 year mark. This is quite a stark comparison of how attitudes to buying a first home have shifted.

Back in the baby boomer days the outlook on homebuying was clearly different to now as the type of house a first time buyer could afford was much more generous than the unfortunate shift in today’s market. Today a first time home and a forever family home may not be the same property as our grandparents may have thought.

It’s not all bleak as the market appears to not have waned and house purchases stay strong (particularly in the North). The full survey of homebuyer answers can be viewed on Porcelain Superstore for more details.

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