Trend Report: Sports Luxe Styles for 2016

Trend Report: Sports Luxe Styles for 2016

Once upon a time sportswear was strictly prohibited to exercise purpose alone, with the sheer thought of athleisure adorning the masses an unlikely scenario. As times change and fashion reinvents itself for the future the sportswear trend has taken new life and new forms, having been adopted by subculture communities, particularly youths of the 1980s and 1990s. What followed was a revolution in fashion as the lines between formal and casual wear became increasingly blurred.

Marc Jacobs, established in 1986, was one of the first designers to pioneer the trend for introducing sportswear into our everyday wardrobes. Since then, we’ve seen sportswear become a staple item; with women wearing yoga pants day in day out, and men pairing crisp suits with relaxed hoodies.

The arc from formal wear to casual wear, and onto a seamless blend of the two is well documented in the pages of magazines. It trend continues with the introduction of a luxury branch of the sportswear trend, aptly named Sports Luxe.

This particular branch of fashion has allowed men and women alike to introduce relaxed elements to their everyday wardrobes; including the hallowed work wardrobe. Dowdy fabrics are replaced with relaxed alternatives, and accessories are much more casual – but all still manage to provide a luxe twist.

Nowhere is this trend more evident than with the rise of tailored joggers. Borrowing the tapered shape from your trusty gym joggers, this updated look creates a sleek silhouette by introducing luxury fabrics. For women, joggers are light and flowy and can showcase statement prints like these or stay muted with classic neutral shades. Men’s joggers feature the all-important cuff detail to retain a sense of proportion and are constructed from luxe fabrics such as wool or flannel.

Don't be afraid to rock some sneakers with a suit for a more streetstyle vibe ?

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The suit jacket has been replaced with more relaxed styles, including American-inspired varsity jackets or bomber jackets. For women, jackets constructed from scuba material have been enjoying a surge in popularity as they offer a highly refined silhouette that always manage to look put-together. Instead of the customary shirt, men can dress down with a fitted long sleeve tshirt, whereas women will do well to pick a light, tailored blouse with sports-inspired contrasting colours.

The key to achieving this look is to take it easy and avoid piling everything on at once. Get careless, and Sports Luxe can easily spill over into plain old Sports. Brands such as Android Homme and Balenciaga provide the ideal introduction to Sports Luxe with their luxury trainers crafted from highly technical materials, and stunning attention to detail. Look to the Bench x Rudimental collaboration for further inspiration.



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