Customised Homeware from Getting Personal

Customised Homeware from Getting Personal

The things that transform a house into a home are the subtleties, those little details which are signature to the individual, allowing the dweller to make that house their own and distinguish against past residents. Getting Personal taps into this customised trend with every product having option to personalise, be it with initials, name or chosen message. STYLEetc. took a look at some of the new pieces from the collection to see how the quality stacks up against competitors.

Initial Natural Heart Cushion £19.99

Cushions as pretty as the top featured image displays, can set the tone of your living room, giving accent to a predisposition of aesthetic, a finishing touch to complete your vision. These charming Natural Shade Cushions offer option to add yours and your partners initials to put a stamp on your living room decor, in a tasteful and subtle way. The initial stitching is framed with a cute heart design, with accenting thread to compliment the beige tones of the main cushion cover. The shades are set to blend with a variety of front room styles and at £19.99 won’t break the bank either.

Personalised Tennessee Initial Jar Glass £16.99

initial jar glass from getting personal

This adorable initial Jar style Glass makes the perfect accessory to a hot summers day (we can only dream in the UK), ideal for creating quirk cocktails complete with umbrella and patterned straw. Not only visually appealing, this piece is additionally sturdy, giving lasting wear with a thick glass composition. The retro shape of this Jar gives a nostalgic feel to your kitchenware, allowing it to be Cocktail time whatever time of day it is.

Customised Scrabble Fairy Lights £19.99

custom scrabble fairy lights getting personal

Display the message of your choice with these fun Scrabble Lights, with option to change the message shown as suits your fancy. Each letter contains the points score as befitting standard Scrabble rules, with a maximum of 10 blocks to use for your wording. This piece makes an alternative option to the enduringly popular Light Boxes which have become every instagrammers bread and butter for stylish posts.

Engraved Set of Slate Placemats £19.99 for 2

slate name placemat tableware getting personal

Attribute your places at the table fuss-free with these lovingly designed Slate Placemats. Offering option to add your name, message or both across the top, this item ensures your home gets a personal touch right down to the last detail. Sturdy and charming, this set befits a hybrid of contemporary meets traditional and works splendidly amongst a monochrome backdrop. An ideal choice for a couple settling in to a new home or long-lasting married pairs for anniversary gifts.

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