Copper Accessories to transform your Home Decor

Copper Accessories to transform your Home Decor

A trend which has revolutionised household aesthetics and Instagram feeds across the globe, Copper themes have held strong ground in interiors stakes, making for good investment when decorating your house to adhere to current persuasions.

Whilst Gold stands strong as the depictor of luxury and elegance, Copper offers an all together more cohesive approach, modern with a feminine influence. There is something about the texture and hue which embodies a vintage feel, yet still fits in eloquently to modern surroundings.

Whilst some may prefer to introduce this trend subtly in their finishings or smaller details, others will go whole hog and opt for more ornate and standout pieces to set apart their decor. STYLEetc. has rounded up the latest of these Copper home accessories for lovers of the trend to fawn over and gain inspiration from, in a bid to show to variety of ways this trend can be set, whether your home is a minimalist flat or retro-feel house.

Shop the Candelabra      Shop the Key Ornament


Shop the Frame      Shop the Kettle

More classic styles will add a charming effect to the home, allowing for character building completion of your own chosen decorating. Overdone patterns can house Copper pieces easily when the desired results are for the maximalists amongst us who adore art decor. Looks such as the overdone styles can be overbearing in the wrong home and require a good eye for execution.

Shop the Telephone      Shop the Globe

Shop the Cushion       Shop the Light

More Modern pieces can rejuvenate your home and create warm tones to a monochrome or minimal aesthetic. When going for a modern approach, the key is to reduce chance of overkill by focusing on the subtle items. More original pieces can be added to your collection to create identity in your room, see the aforementioned Copper Globe and Metallic Phone for key example to one-off copper delights.


Shop the Table      Shop the Cocktail Set

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  1. May 27, 2017 / 9:12 am

    These are gorgeous! I’m a total copper fan! I wish to add more copper home-ware in my house. I want everything on your list.

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