Best Festival Hairstyle Trends to Try in 2016

Best Festival Hairstyle Trends to Try in 2016

We’re right in the middle of festival season and are busy ticking off all of our camping essentials and organising our setlist schedules. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been excitedly poring over celebrity styles and scrolling through our Instagram feeds to discover the stand-out festival trends of the season so far and how the fashion elite are styling their festival looks.

As well as selecting the perfect festival outfits, a bold hairstyle can make your look and give off the ultimate festival vibes. Festivals offer the ideal opportunity to experiment with your hairstyle and create something really unique and exciting that will be the talk of Instagram; leave the flower crowns at home this year – trust us.  From glitter roots to mermaid hues and intricate braids, we’ve rounded up some of the best 2016 festival hairstyles to offer inspiration and to try out for yourself.

1. Glitter roots


GLITTTTTTAAA 4 eva~~* ? #glitterroots #silverhair

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Not for the faint of heart, glitter roots have been one of the biggest festival hairstyle trends of 2016. Emulating futuristic, space-age vibes, the bolder the better when it comes to glitter roots, so opt for glitter in a variety of sizes and shades for a statement finish that will sparkle in the sunlight.

An easy to achieve style, simply spray your roots with hairspray and sprinkle glitter on top whilst the hairspray is still wet. If you are between visits to the hairdressers, the glitter roots trend is ideal for covering up; it’s also perfect to utilise at festivals on third or fourth day hair to help conceal any greasiness.

2. Boxer braids

A sleek and low maintenance festival hairstyle, boxer braids have blown up massively in the past few months thanks to the likes of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters rocking the hairdo. Whilst braids and plaits have always been a common hairstyle, boxer braids (or double Dutch braids) have been launched into the spotlight online and have become the style of choice for working out, nights out and festivals.

After a bit of practise, this type of braid is relatively easy to do on yourself and can be done before you leave for the camp-site. Boxer braids are tight knit and can stay in place for a couple of days without coming loose; making them the perfect low-maintenance festival look to keep your hair out of the way until you can access the luxury of a shower again.

3. Space buns


Okay, last one! #spacebuns

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A nostalgic favourite of many nineties girls, space buns are back with a vengeance. A cute hairstyle that requires virtually zero effort, space buns are a fun way to keep your hair out of the way come rain or shine at your next festival.

Space buns can be worn as a half-up do or with all of your hair up and work well with both long and short hair; simply split your hair into two high ponytails, twist to create the buns and secure in place. Space buns work well with the glitter roots trend or you can accessorise your buns with some quirky hair clips.

4. Hair tattoos

Last year saw the rise of temporary metallic body tattoos at festivals, for 2016 the trend has evolved to include temporary hair tattoos. Hair tattoos can instantly refresh your festival beauty look and are a fun and easy way to style your locks.

Available to buy in sheets, simply cut to size the temporary tattoo you would like to use, place it to your hair face down and dab with a damp cloth until the paper peels away. You can opt for a simple hairband style tattoo or even add one to your parting; these tattoos will simply disappear when you wash your hair.

5. Crown braid


One of my fave braids from last year ❤️

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The beauty of the crown braid hairstyle is that you don’t have to be a perfectionist to achieve this coveted look, the messier the better! With this in mind, it’s a good style to attempt whilst you are already at a festival. A pretty and feminine look, a crown braid can easily disguise festival hair and conceal your roots. 

Split your hair into two and spray the mid lengths of your hair with dry shampoo before braiding; so whether you opt for a fishtail, Dutch and French braid, the dry shampoo means you will be able to plump out the plaits and add volume to your style. Once you have finished braiding, you can then pin your plaits into place; as a finishing touch, tease out a few  strands to frame your face for that effortless carefree look.

6. Mermaid hair


Don’t go chasing waterfalls.

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Mermaid hair has been providing Insta goals for a number of years with a kaleidoscope of pastel hues and thick flowing waves seen on some of the biggest fashion bloggers and models around. Festivals provide the opportunity for your inner mermaid to come out and make a bold beauty statement.

There are an array of semi-permanent colours, such as those by Bleach London available in an array of different shades that can help you achieve the ultimate mermaid hair. Easy to do at home, simply apply the colour evenly to towel dried hair, leave in for 15 minutes et voilà! If you want the colour without the commitment, try coloured hairsprays or hair chalk for a weekend-long mermaid solution.

7. Hair rings

The latest covetable trend to hit the festival scene, hair rings are an easy way to upgrade your hairstyle. Perfect to add to twists, braids or buns, hair rings can subtly accent your hair do with a touch of bling and come in a wide range of sizes and designs to suit your look including hoops, charms and chains.

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