Zoella: 12 Days of Christmas Controversy

November 15, 2017
zoella 12 days of christmas calendar

image credit: Boots

Tis the season to be jolly and also spend all your money on the latest festive gifts to get you in the spirit of the season. As stores know we are all preparing to hand over our hard earned cash for a bit of Christmas relief it may not be surprising to all that some stores may take the opportunity to hike up prices. This was the case with the latest Zoella Lifestyle product; a 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar which has kicked up a storm on Twitter over the value and quality of it’s contents.

The Brand of Zoella

Queen of the UK blogging and Youtube scene, Zoella has built up a huge dedicated audience to her channel, many of whom faithfully buy into her latest merchandise as soon as it’s available. Whilst in the past it seems the majority were pleased with Zoella’s ranges; including a Superdrug Beauty range, Zoella Lifestyle homeware range and a collaborative Sugglife fashion range along with her brother Joe, this latest collection has been dubbed ‘Tat’ by the Twittersphere.

Users on the social networking platform have dubbed the calendar ‘a waste of money’ and ‘exploitative’ of her younger fans who they feel will pressure parents to cough up the £50 RRP for this item which only offers 12 windows to open.

Looking at the evidence its understandable to see why people may be disappointed, for the hefty fee contents include; a candle, confetti, a small notebook, a pen, a keyring and stickers. Compared against the competitive high end calendars within this price range the selection is certainly lacklustre.

Here are some of the comments on the latest release:

Youtuber Jaack Maate created a mocking video shared across his social media which quickly reeled in the likes and shares of disgruntled bloggers and fans who agreed with his scathing review of the products. In one scene he claims sarcastically ‘you can smell the exploitation’.

However, there will always be loyal fans who support Zoella in any endeavour and who are fighting her corner on this one as the comments below demonstrate.

In response to the overwhelming interest this storm has gathered, Boots have since responded stating the calendar would now be sold at a discounted price of £25 in a promotional offer to try and appease shoppers. This hardly helps the former buyers who were left disappointed but is a last ditch attempt to calm waters ahead of the Christmas rush. Zoella has not directly addressed this incident but a rep has been quoted in the Metro stating that she has no control over pricing of her products.

What do you think? Would you pay £50 for the calendar? Let us know on social @STYLE_etc.

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