Would you try Squiggle Brows?

September 1, 2017
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There’s a new beauty trend in town that has got everyone on social media talking; Squiggle Eyebrows. Not content with the previously bland straight or arched brows squiggle brows allow you to jazz up your brows with wiggly lines.

It’s safe to say this beauty trend has got the nation talking, with many confused and opposing of the new style of brow, we’ev included just a few Twitter responses below.

The introduction of this new trend has raised many eyebrows (pardon the pun) amongst beauty fans bringing back the age old discussion of whether expressionist and sometimes weird make up is art or alternative for the sake of being.

The jury is out but we’re never ones to bash people for expressing themselves so if you like the look of this trend don’t be put-off by naysayers. It will be interesting to see what shape this trend takes (presumably curved?)as the weeks go on, will it be a flitting 5 minute wonder or is there further longevity in the squiggle? Whether taking it seriously or experimenting for Halloween, get your practise in if you fancy trying these brows as we imagine there is a certain skill to attaining symmetrical wavy lines.

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How to get a squiggle brow

If you’re undeterred by the public backlash and like to take risks then there are a few ways in which to achieve this trend, all depending on how much effort you want to go to. Clever application of brow powder and liquid can ensure you keep your brows natural shape underneath but still gain the desired effect. Some users have gone one step further and actually plucked into their brows to reshape to suit this trend (not advised if you value your natural shape). A third option is purely just for the instagram benefit, where you simply use a little photoshop magic to get the look with no fuss or pain required.

So is this the new trend πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ #squigglebrows #wavybrows #issano

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@mr.fabulous is on board. Are you?! #wavybrows #squigglybrows #squigglebrows #wavybrow

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