Women want to know what’s in their Skincare products beauty report finds

May 11, 2017
Women want to know what's in their Skincare products beauty report finds

A new study has found women are looking for answers around just what it is in common beauty product ingredients. Akin to the surge in interest in what’s in our food, it appears women are becoming increasingly aware of assessing the ingredients of their favourite skincare products.

Right to be worried?

Top concerns across the board were around the sustainability of ingredients and how ethically they were sourced. This is no surprise in the modern day height of awareness around morally sound brands, simply scouring the internet can unearth some home truths of brands which had marketed themselves to be ethical, only to be contradicted and challenged by third party interests. Over a quarter of women admitted to be worried about what’s in their products.

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Almost a quarter of those surveyed admitted to checking product packaging for additives, fairly low when considering the other three quarters taking no interest in this. This may seem contradictory to the study concerns, but also raises an interesting discussion around how to best present clear information to consumers and look at why the majority are choosing not to check these details.

A large sample admitted they wished beauty packaging was easier to understand. We’re all familiar with the recent revelation to many of how to decode beauty product shelf -life dates which many had ignored and misunderstood for years on end. Could this new study bring light to another area we need to improve translation of?

So how worried should we be? At present there isn’t a clear outline of what information we are actually privy to, the study itself does not address this, however the results reflect the volume of this public concern to highlight this as an area which can begin to demand answers and clarity.

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Skincare Study

The study has been undertaken by Garnier, who in turn have promised to tackle any concern head-on, taking steps to present information desired on their packaging to show where products are sourced.

Karen Flavard-Jones, General Manager of Garnier UK & I, said of the study: “We’ve taken steps to help clarify by decoding the ingredients on the back of the pack and really explaining where our ingredients come from and how they are sourced.” 

Not wanting to merely rely on brand perspective, Garnier also asked an expert within the industry for their opinion on ingredient transparency. Dermatologist Dr. Justine Kluk said this: “It is important that people know what is included in their skin care products so they feel comfortable with what they are using, and there is nothing hidden.” 

Whether brands will take this research on board is still yet to be seen but it is clear that there is a message to be spread off the back of this, concerning what is in our skincare products. What is abundantly clear is the desire for more education on the matter, from this we should create discussion around what the positive and negative meanings behind these ingredients are to inform consumers before they invest in a daily product.

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