Winter Skin Clinic with NARS

December 3, 2013

Is your skin suffering in these harsh weather conditions? Are the effects of the Christmas Markets beginning to take its toll? Then NARS have got the answer to all your skin problems with their fantastic range of exclusive Light Reflecting products.

nars skin care

The range has been created by NARS and is totally free from Silicone, Paraben’s, Alcohol and Oils, which makes it extra gentle on your skin and the results are amazing! The exclusive complex is infused with minerals and anti-aging, cellular metabolism-boosting elements which enhance the skin’s natural luminosity, because François Nars knows that ‘the best skin in skin that can reflect light.’

“For makeup to look its best skin needs to be as smooth and hydrated and radiant as possible. All our Nars skin care products contain a light reflective complex (unique and exclusive to Nars) that helps skin reflect light and look its radiant best!” Karen Bielli.

In our one-to-one session with Karen Bielli, NARS Make-Up Stylist, she explained the importance to our winter skin care regime and told us that the best two skin care products for this season. The Multi-Action Hydrating Toner, £22, is a hero product for winter, as it exfoliates and refreshes the skin for a smooth and brightened appearance, removing any evidence of too much mulled wine.


The second must have product is the Aqua Gel Luminous Mask, £27, which provides hydration to the skin. The moisturiser must be applied before bed and is left on over night, meaning you wake up with beautiful radiant skin. It can also be used in the day time; for a quick fix, leave the mask on for 10 minutes then blot off any excess before using toner.

maskNot only does their skin care contain the exclusive technology formula, their Radiant Cream Compact Foundation does too! The foundation, £28, which comes in 20 shades to suit all skin tones, is lightweight and easy to apply with the sponge that is included, to create a luminous, healthy glow. Karen also explained to us that you often need to change the colour of your foundation in the winter, so if you need advice on choosing the right foundation for the party season, NARS at Selfridges are offering 20minute complimentary appointments to answer all your skin care queries and match you up with your perfect foundation.


This season, NARS have also teamed up with controversial French Photographer, Guy Bourdin to create a limited edition collection of make up and gift sets, with equally controversial and evocative innuendo names including, Crime of Passion, Voyeur, Fling, Splendor in the Grass and Beautiful Stranger.

NARS Guy Bourdin Voyeur Pouch

Fling Lip Kit

The colourful range of Cinematic Eyeshadow’s, Lipstick’s, Nail Polish’s and Blush’s, arrived in store at the beginning of November and are only available while stocks last. Karen told us not to be afraid to experiment with bright colours, and the holiday collection is full of bold, statement colours. Our favourites are the ‘Tomorrow’s Red’ Scarlet Flame Nail Polish, £14.50, the ‘Wishful Thinking’ Macaw Blue Eyeshadow, £18, ‘Full Frontal’ Rose Violet Lipstick, £18.50 and their iconic ‘Exhibit A’ matt, vivid red blush, £21.50.

NARS Guy Bourdin Tomorrows Red Nail Polish - jpegNARS Guy Bourdin Cinematic Eyeshadow Wishful Thinking - jpegNARS Guy Bourdin Cinematic Lipstick Full Frontal - jpeg
NARS Guy Bourdin Exhibit A Blush - jpeg

So head down to Selfridges and invest in this fab collection while stocks last or book an appointment with Rabia at Selfridges Exchange Square on 0161 838 0671.


By Emily Parker

Images; Beauty Seen PR

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