Win a Father’s Day Gift Box from Escape Hunt

June 4, 2019
escape hunt manchester

We’ve got fun for the whole family this Fathers Day courtesy of Escape Hunt Manchester. This is your chance to win a Father’s Day gift box at STYLEetc in our brilliant competition.

Treat your Dad this Father’s Day to a fun family day out at Manchester escape room; Escape Hunt. We have already discussed the recent Alice in Wonderland and Doctor Who rooms at Escape Hunt on the site and can happily recommend the activity to our readers. The escape games are well thought out and the set designs are impressive, every time we have visited we have been looked after by our hosts and had a great experience. 

dr who escape room


You can win a voucher and gift box from Escape Hunt. All you need to do is comment below with which room you think your wants Dad to play.

The prize is a gift box which includes a game voucher worth up to £120, a drink token for Dad and a Fathers Day card which you can personalise.

UK entries only. Subject to availability. Transport not included. Prize is non-transferable and not exchangeable for cash. Over 18 entries only. Winner will be chosen at random and contacted by email. Prize provided by Escape Hunt by post and may be changed or withdrawn at any time. 

Competition ends Tuesday 11th June at midnight GMT. 

See here for more information about the gift box here.

108 responses to “Win a Father’s Day Gift Box from Escape Hunt”

  1. Louise Williams says:

    Alice in Puzzleland !

  2. Laura Dixon says:

    Would LOVE to treat my dad to the Doctor Who escape room he’s been a huge fan for as long as J remember!

  3. Susan Pointon says:

    My husband would love to do the Alice In PuzzleLand room ❤️

  4. Amy Anderson-Robbins says:

    Doctor who!

  5. Nicola Docking says:

    I’d like to take my dad to the Wild West escape room as he does a shockingly bad American accent that could come into its own!! Or we could at least leave him in there ha!

  6. Donna Brocklehurst says:

    Alice in puzzle Land 🤪 👑♥️

  7. Laura Leadbeater says:

    The kids would love their dad to play the Alice in puzzleland room

  8. Alice Dixon says:

    I would love to win for my husband as a gift from our two boys, he would love the Doctor Who it’s his favourite tv show

  9. Hannah Treadway says:

    Alice in wonderland

  10. Brady Deeprose says:

    Absolutely the Dr Who room!

  11. Donna Caldwell says:

    I really think he’d love Alice in Puzzleland it sounds awesome

  12. Raymond Butler says:

    Dr Who Escape Room

  13. Amy Beckett says:

    My dad would love the Doctor Who one. He always made me watch old Dr who’s but we loved watching the new series together too.

  14. Kane Dixon says:

    Alice in Wonderland Would be a great prize to win

  15. Natalie Burgess says:

    Alice in puzzleland xx

  16. Clare forster says:

    Wild West!

  17. Keren Curran says:

    Alice in Puzzleland

  18. Michelle G says:

    Definitely Doctor Who for mine!

  19. Laura Brady says:

    My dad would love the doctor who room!

  20. abida p says:

    The doctor who room would go down well with my dad

  21. Vicki Loftus says:

    Alice in Puzzleland

  22. Gemma says:

    Doctor Who

  23. Suzy Harris says:

    My Dad has always wanted to try this and he is a big Dr Who fan so I would ask for the Dr Who room please

  24. Christopher Harris says:

    “comment below with which room you think your Dad to play.“

    Didn’t understand the question but going by other answers I’d prefer the Dr Who room.

  25. John Fowler says:

    Alice in Puzzleland

  26. Leanne Nash says:

    Definitely Doctor Who rooms!!

  27. Katherine Adams says:

    Doctor Who rooom

  28. E Gallagher says:

    Doctor who room. Would be an amazing gift for a hard working dad

  29. chloe brill says:

    doctor who

  30. Richard Randall says:

    Alice In PuzzleLand room

  31. Tracy Nixon says:

    My dad would love to do the Alice In PuzzleLand room

  32. amie franklin says:

    Definitely Alice and Wonderland! My dad is a big kid at heart and he loves the escape games!

  33. Samantha Lea says:

    My Dad would love the doctor who one, he’s always loved si-fi

  34. Helen says:

    Doctor who

  35. lise Barlow says:

    definately Doctor Who this gift would be amazing good luck everyone xx

  36. Annette Oliver says:

    The Dr Who room

  37. Annmarie A says:

    Definitely Doctor Who

  38. Andy Wedge says:

    Doctor Who rooms

  39. Justine Meyer says:

    Alice in puzzleland

  40. Gillian says:

    The Doctor Who escape room, he is obsessed with the programme & watches all the old episodes again and again!! He’s got our boys hooked too (despite my reservations!)

  41. Stephanie Tsang says:

    The Doctor Who room

  42. Martin Smith says:

    Doctor who

  43. Tammy Tudor says:

    Alice in Wonderland sounds great!

  44. Sharon Worsley says:

    Dr Who room

  45. sarah bettles says:

    would love to do the DOCTOR WHO escape room. Mulpitle times he has protected me from cybermen dreams and weeping angels. time to put that training into real life.

  46. michelle o'neill says:

    Dr Who Escape Room

  47. Tom Baines says:

    the Doctor Who escape room, he went to school with Tom Baker… never shuts up about it

  48. Emily Henley says:

    Alice in Puzzleland, I think!

  49. Anne Bardsley says:

    Wild West!

  50. Mrs Rebecca Rowley says:

    Doctor Who

  51. Andrew Hindley says:

    My father would love to play Doctor Who

  52. Hayley Greenan says:

    Doctor Who – Worlds Collide!

  53. Sarah Birkett says:

    doctor who, he watched it when he was young, and then later with our children

  54. min says:

    Doctor Who for sure!

  55. Laura Bradbury says:

    Alice in Wonderland sounds amazing!

  56. Justine Agnew says:

    Alice in Puzzleland

  57. Lisa P says:

    Dr Who Escape Room

  58. Danika Lloyd says:

    Definitely escape the wild west, he’d love that!

  59. Teresa Lee says:

    Alice in Puzzleland

  60. Karen Railton says:

    Doctor who

  61. Jessica Keay says:

    What a fab fathers day gift idea!

  62. Milly Youngman says:

    Dad would love the Dr Who room!

  63. lisbeth says:

    Wild West as he’s got the cowboy hat for it already.

  64. Sarah says:

    Doctor Who room – bring on the TARDIS!

  65. Abigail Harris says:

    Blackbeard’s treasure, who wouldn’t want to pretend to be a pirate

  66. B Matthews says:

    Alice in Puzzleland please.

  67. lisa chappell says:

    alice in puzzleland room

  68. Ian Yates says:

    The Wild West Escape Room.

  69. donna l jones says:

    Alice In PuzzleLand room i think for my dad

  70. Kate Johnson says:

    Alice in puzzleland

  71. Gemma says:

    Alice in Puzzleland

  72. Rachel hockley says:

    Dr who room

  73. Karen R says:

    The Fourth Samurai xx

  74. Tim Millington says:

    My dad is a huge Dr Who fan and would love that room. He also has a pretty logical mind so would like to put him to the test!

  75. Jade Blair says:

    I think my dad would love the wild west escape room!

  76. laura says:

    alice in puzzleland. would love to win this for fathers day

  77. Allan Fullarton says:

    Dr Who Escape Room sounds amazing.

  78. Caroline cummins says:

    Alice in puzzle land without a doubt!

  79. Kelly Duckworth says:

    Fab prize

  80. Mark Jowett says:

    Dr Who room

  81. Joanna Baxter says:

    Dr Who room

  82. Michael Jowett says:

    Alice in Wonderland

  83. Katherine McDonald says:

    Alice in puzzleland

  84. Rich Tyler says:

    Doctor Who Room!

  85. Sarah Lindo says:

    Alice in Wonderland because he is always up for a laugh

  86. Sarah Lindo says:

    Alice in Puzzleland as he is always up for a laugh

  87. SHIRLEY GILES says:

    Dr Who Room

  88. joanne casey says:

    My dad would love the Wild West escape room

  89. Cathryn Crawshaw says:

    Alice In PuzzleLand room

  90. Martin N says:

    Alice in Puzzle Land

  91. Carol Boffey says:

    Alice in puzzleland

  92. RICHARD MILLS says:

    Definitely the Dr Who escape room. He would wear his Tom Baker scarf!

  93. Susan Bennett says:

    Dr Who rooms

  94. Kelly Brooks says:

    I think he’d play the WIld West Room

  95. Hannah Whitling says:

    Escape The Wild West

  96. Danielle Tither says:

    The Wild West Escape Room

  97. Jayne Sanderson says:

    Alice in Puzzleland. My daughter’s Dad loves the name Alice so much that’s what he named our daughter.

  98. leanne Allister says:

    My son dad would love the wild west

  99. Kayley Hill says:

    Hes defo a Dr Who Room kind of guy, he believes in little green men haha

  100. Kelly Losty says:

    My hubby would love to do the Alice in Puzzleland Room

  101. Emma Davison says:

    Dr who

  102. matt allison says:

    Doctor Who

  103. Nichola Harwood says:

    Definitely the Dr Who rooms! They sound amazing

  104. Jenna says:

    Both a huge fan of Dr Who!!!

  105. Adrian Bold says:

    The Dr Who room.

  106. Aneesa says:

    Doctor Who

  107. HELEN ROSS says:

    We would all love Doctor Who. What’s not to love

  108. Natalie Gillham says:

    Alice in Puzzleland

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