Win £150 to spend on Luxury Fashion at Attavanti

November 13, 2017
win 150 to spend at attavanti
You can win an amazing £150 to spend in Attavanti’s online store and treat yourself to some real Italian style. Simply enter this competition below for a chance of winning a beautifully handcrafted leather gift for yourself or a loved one.

About Attavanti

msb attavanti leather bag grain

Attavanti is an online boutique shop promoting the very best luxury products Italy has to offer right to your doorstep. It’s suppliers are mainly family run artisan businesses that have been particularly chosen because of their exclusive designs and the quality of their products which can easily match the more expensive pieces offered by the big label brands. Many come with a real heritage such as Florence based Fontanelli who started life as saddle makers in 1860 and now produce high-end woven pieces using the finest leathers. Pratesi are another, also based in Florence, who were established in 1947 by Edigio Pratesi.

A war evacuee at the time, Pratesi worked on the set of the classic film Quo Vadis making the Roman costumes and leather armour. Like many of our suppliers, Pratesi uses only ecologically friendly vegetable dyed leathers. Then using their own unique processes, age the leather creating a very distinctive style. 

Giorgio Fedon are another esteemed name who make contemporary pieces and have a wide range of laptop bags, messenger bag and backpacks, the brand was originally established in 1919 as high quality spectacle case makers.

attavanti luxury leather accessories

Our brand list is constantly growing as we search out more and more of these artisan businesses and we are excited to announce our latest collaboration with the brand Boldrini. This Tuscany based company produce really exquisite pieces and we have just taken delivery of a range of saddle style handbags, laptop and business bags.

Our extensive handmade range includes handbags, business bags, travel goods and accessories will appeal to both young and old with a choice of styles ranging from tasteful classics to the latest seasonal collections. We also have a luxurious range of scarves which are sourced from the fashion house Maalbi, based in the wool region of Northern Italy.

Everyone likes a bit of quality in their life. Our extensive collection has history built in and any piece would be a joy to own and will serve you well.  So if you consider the idea of owning a handbag from Florence, a messenger bag from Milan or a business bag from Venice a very appealing prospect, then don’t hesitate, simply enter this competition for a chance to make this happen. The lucky winner will receive a one off discount code to enter when checking out.

How to Enter

To enter to win £150 to spend at Attavanti please comment below what your favourite luxury accessory is and subscribe to our newsletter.

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UK entry only. Must be aged over 18. Subject to dates and availability. No cash alternative or transfer of prize. Prize will be arranged by Attavanti to be used online and not by STYLEetc. Exclusions of use may apply. We reserve the right to cancel or change this competition at any time. Emails provided must be accurate in order to claim prize. Prize must be claimed within 5 days or it may be transferred to a runner up. Ends 10th December Midnight GMT. Data captured will be shared with Attavanti. Travel not included. Attavanti will provide any exclusions of what is included in prize.

186 responses to “Win £150 to spend on Luxury Fashion at Attavanti”

  1. steven young says:

    I have a leather Bottega Veneta Wallet which was a 40th birthday present from my wife.
    I only really bring it out it’s box for weddings and other occasions where I’ll be required to put a suit on.
    The irony is not lost on me that the wallet costs more than the amount of money that I carry in it!

  2. Sharon lowe says:

    My favourite item is a tote bag. I’d love to win! Since my children were born I have walked round with a change bag. Now that my youngest is three and no longer in nappies I really need to upgrade!

  3. Margaret Manchester says:

    My favourite accessory would have to be a stylish classic leather handbag, and Attavanti have some wonderful ones in store.

  4. Jamie says:

    My favourite luxury accessory has got to be my cufflinks or leather wallet. They both only come out at special occasions.

  5. Julie Carwardine says:

    I love my leather gloves!

  6. Debbie Smith says:

    i have a pair of vintage leather chanel gloves that my gran gave me i adore them xx

  7. Laura Nice says:

    Its got to be my scarf, Its easy to add to any outfit and keeps me warm! 🙂

  8. Vicki Loftus says:

    My favourite luxury is my classic Mulberry bag. Never goes our of style and looks amazing for every occasion.

  9. Penelope Senior says:

    MY favourite luxury accessory is a silk scarf that belonged to my mother

  10. Dawn Harford says:

    Gorgeous handbag every time! An accessory that completes any great outfit!

  11. Fiona says:

    A luxury leather handbag!

  12. Katie Raven says:

    I love my leather gloves so warm

  13. Kelly Glen says:

    It has to be a stylish handbag because it can make even my most boring old outfit look like new.

  14. alison fisher says:

    a lovely beautiful pair of shoes all day every day 🙂

  15. kayleigh white says:

    Scarves – you can’t beat a scarf to finish an outfit!

  16. kimberley bailey says:

    has to be leather gloves a classic key item for the winter weather

  17. Julie Perry says:

    The Leather handbags are all lovely

  18. got to be a good quality hand bag for me

  19. Julie F says:

    I love the red bag

  20. Hayley robson says:

    Wouldn’t be without a great pair of sunglasses!

  21. Sophie Grayling says:

    My favourite luxury accessory is a diamond necklace my mum bought for me on my 18th birthday x

  22. C Whitlow says:

    Maalbi Luxury Italian Virgin Wool 2 Coloured Scarf – Navy Maroon looks lovely and is my favourite colour.

  23. brenda corbett says:

    My favourite luxury is my classic Mulberry bag. Never goes our of style and looks amazing for every occasion.

  24. Amelia Kennedy says:

    Love the leather tote bags!

  25. David Nicolson says:

    My favourite luxury accessory is my leather and Harris tweed wallet

  26. Emma says:

    My favourite accessory is a handbag, it really sets off an outfit and is handy for carrying essentials!

  27. Hol Pitch says:

    Mid-sized 13″ Cambridge Satchel Bag, amazing!

  28. My favourite luxury accessory is my large italian holdall , which lloks like a handbag

  29. Juhena Begum says:

    I have this beautiful Burberry scarf my sister bought for me from a sample sale about 8 years ago. I adore it so much that I only use it for special moments e.g dates, job interviews.

  30. MY favourite luxury accessory is my Clogau Gold Wedding Ring from my wife,
    I have had so many people asking me where I got t from?

  31. Jessica says:

    A luxury handbag is a great style investment!

  32. Tania Atfield says:

    My purse, I always love a well made purse that will last and now I need a new one !

  33. Laura Jeffs says:

    My favourite luxury accessory is a lovely Gucci handbag

  34. Toni says:

    My favourite luxury item is my Kate Spade bag.

  35. Jim Milligan says:

    My favorite accessory would be a good leather messenger bag,

  36. Jean Cassell says:

    I love a stylish silk scarf

  37. Angela Walker says:

    My grandmother’s ring

  38. maureen findley says:

    a beautiful handbag in luxury leather

  39. claire blaney says:

    I have to say my favourite accessory is my gorgeous bracelet

  40. n millward says:

    Love the feel, smell and luxurious appearance of gorgeous leather handbags. So much choice from Attavanti, so little time!

  41. Julie Booth says:

    a classic mulberry bag

  42. Steven S says:

    My scarves, it’s worth it getting cold to be able to get them out again

  43. Helen W says:

    It’s got to be a luxury handbag.

  44. Emma Wright says:

    My luxury favourite item is my Radley handbag, love it!

  45. Sharon griffin says:

    A posh handbag that is only for special occasions x

  46. Ruth Bugg says:

    My favourite luxury accessory is the Bonfanti Leather and Liberty Lodden Grab Handbag in blue, its beautiful.

  47. Jodie A Green says:

    Leather gloves with fur trim!!

  48. Frances H says:

    My diamond earrings that were given to me for my 21st birthday.

  49. Caroline H says:

    My favourite is a fabulous scarf with Liberty a real favourite.

  50. Ren Taylor says:

    I have a luxury Phoebe bag that i love x

  51. Jade Pawley says:

    My favourite is a gorgeous tote bag. You can co-ordinate anything with a good tote!

  52. Lynda Jones says:

    My silk scarf, it keeps me warm and always looks good because the colours flatter my complection

  53. Emma Craven says:

    A plush leather handbag in dark green or “racing” green leather – if it exists! Ooohhh

  54. Anne says:

    A lovely stylish Attavanti handbag would be just perfect ?

  55. Helen says:

    Black leather clutch, I always go back to it on special occasions.

  56. Rachel Dayan says:

    My Chanel earrings, a very special present from my husband

  57. keiran says:


  58. Luisa Lauren says:

    My favourite luxury item is my beautiful butter soft navy leather gloves.

  59. Katherine Adams says:

    My Raymond Weil watch

  60. Julia Clark says:

    My stylish leather handbag

  61. Laura Avery says:

    A glittery clutch for christmas love them

  62. Kirsty Macdonald says:

    A scarf – keeps you warm and adds some colour.

  63. Sarah Mackay says:

    A silk scarf

  64. Gillian Holmes says:

    I love my leather gloves and matching bag

  65. Denise says:

    My favourite accesory would have to be a nice leather handbag

  66. Fozia Akhtar says:

    My favourite item is a tote bag.

  67. Marycarol says:

    My handbag – love handbags and always on the look out for new ones x

  68. gemma blake says:

    fancy scarves

  69. Handbags are my favourite, you just can’t have enough!

  70. Sue Harrison says:

    My lovely soft leather handbag… no special designer brand, but beautifully made

  71. Jaimee Norris says:

    An oversized scarf! It’s so cozy and comforting! and looks simply gorgeous!

  72. Mirjana Radovanov says:

    My favorite luxury accessory is Giorgio Fedon 1919 Trolley Cabin Luggage 🙂 I love additional pouches, shoe and clothes bags plus a leather luggage tag. It would add style to all my trips !

  73. Debbie Hawkins says:

    Has to be a good quality leather bag ? it can make an outfit look well put together and classy even if really casual

  74. Janice Williams says:

    My scarf with a special scarf tie

  75. Charley Foulds says:

    my charlotte olympia clutch bag, my love and precious accessory that i was grateful to receive as a gift for my 21st!!

  76. Dawn Samples says:

    I love my watch, it goes with everything and makes me feel more confident x

  77. Rachael Simmons says:

    A cashmere beanie!

  78. Rhia says:

    Scarves and handbags!

  79. Sabita says:

    I love love handbags

  80. Laura Williams says:

    I have an old vintage handbag – not even sure how old it is but its quality made and I love it!I use it through the winter as it is furry and wintery looking 🙂 Its my favourite accessory!

  81. my black michael kors handbag x

  82. Julie says:

    My favourite accessories are silk scarves 🙂

  83. Jane Webb says:

    A beautiful purse

  84. Adele Leek says:

    I love great shoes and a bag to match

  85. Holly Houghton says:

    tote bags

  86. Sally Voong says:

    luggage, nothing screams luxury more than taking stylish luggage with you on holiday.

  87. Michelle H. says:

    My pink silk scarf.

  88. Melanie Gardiner says:

    My Lulu Guiness purse

  89. Kieran says:

    black leather wallet

  90. Iva Petrovic says:

    A good quality pair of leather gloves

  91. Jacqui Graham says:

    It has to be my Vannini Italian Designer Leather 2 Colour Duo Tote, it is my constant companion.

  92. Mr C says:

    I love my Breitling watch.

  93. Hazel Lemar says:

    My Peruvian 100%cashmere poncho. It is stylish and warm

  94. sarah birkett says:

    I have a luxury throw ( furry ish ) . very expensive gift for my 40th and I love it

  95. Charlotte F says:

    A bright colourful handbag – adds a pop to every outfit.

  96. Kathryn Hill says:

    A classic leather handbag

  97. leanne weir says:

    Has to be luxury handbags

  98. Dominic Cloutier says:

    Leather gloves with fur trim for the win

  99. June Lord says:

    I have a really luxurious leather camera handbag which I imported from Lithuania.

  100. Elaine P says:

    It has to be a scarf, there’s many different styles, because of that there’s many different ways you can wear them

  101. Jenn Gillies says:

    My husband bought me a leather handbag when we were in Italy once. It is my favourite luxury item for sure.

  102. Becky Duffy says:

    My Tommy Hilfiger Wallet, I’ve had it for about 7 years but it still looks as good as the day I was gifted it. I do adore it too

  103. Shazia Khan says:

    I love the Amberley bag.

  104. Deborah Bentley says:

    My favourite is my leather jewellery case. It has all the right compartments for my bits and pieces.

  105. sue hodges says:

    favourite luxury accessory is a leather handbag

  106. Jackie Howell says:

    my black Balenciaga bag

  107. Lorna Peppiatt says:

    My favourite luxury item is my Rado watch

  108. Steph Ralph says:

    My engagement ring <3

  109. Gary Topley says:

    My favourite accessory is my Ted Baker wallet. Thankyou for the competition.

  110. Janice says:

    It’s my Raoul pink bag

  111. Gemma Cook says:

    A black leather Handbag for me as its timeless and hard wearing.

  112. Annie says:

    A tan leather shoulder bag

  113. Liv says:

    The leather jewellery case for sure!

  114. Tania Atfield says:

    My purse which is sadly dying and needs replacing

  115. Sarah Lewis says:

    My favourite accessory is a scarf and not only does it liven up any outfit but it also keeps me warm!

  116. Lorraine Johnson says:

    Has to be a great pair of sunglasses. Nothing worse than squinting to ruin your effortless style

  117. izzy smith says:

    My pearl earrings

  118. Anna K says:

    My personalised wallet

  119. Nina Miller says:

    My favourite item is my sleigh bed.

  120. Violet Perkins Phillippo says:

    A really nice blanket scarf.

  121. Rich Tyler says:

    My leather “man” bag

  122. Corinne Wright says:

    My favourite accessory is a good quality scarf

  123. Katy Hacket says:

    Cashmere gloves

  124. Jackie Dawson says:

    My luxury item would have to be my gorgeous Coach purse I got off my parents for my 40th this year

  125. Jean Vaughan says:

    My favourite luxury item is my Gucci black bucket bag which looks better as it ages. It has been all over the world with me and carries so many memories.

  126. Sarah McVicar says:

    Has to be my scarfs, x

  127. sarah brooker says:

    My pink & silver scarf as it’s very glam.

  128. Katy c Johnston says:

    It has to be my Burberry handbag. My husband gave it to my on our first anniversary!

  129. Lindsay says:

    My grandmother’s pearls which she wore on her wedding day. Beautiful and classic and I love them.

  130. barbara daniels says:

    my luxury item in my silver lulu guiness clutch bag

  131. I’ve got a few silk scarves which I love.

  132. Valerie Seal says:

    My favourite luxury item is my messenger bag.

  133. Angie Hoggett says:

    I have a pair of quilted Barbour gloves that were given to me as a xmas present, they are beautiful and look great with so many outfits

  134. Catherine L says:

    I love the leather handbag, I’m obsessed with bags!

  135. Gillian Holmes says:

    I love my red leather gloves

  136. Clare Woodman says:

    A lovely suitcase

  137. Mrs Kathryn Davies says:

    Can’t beat a great handbag x

  138. Romano says:

    My favorite accessory is a handpainted silk scarf. Would love an Attavanti leather bag

  139. elodie says:

    my handbags

  140. John Russell says:

    My grandfathers luxury cashmere mittens as knitted by my grandmother and has come down to me. it is my luxury

  141. Heather Reading says:

    Scarves are my favourite luxury fashion accessory but I’d love to have a luxury bag too xx

  142. Lorraine Stone says:

    MSB Lucignano Italian Large Leather Doctor’s Bag – Brown – LOVE THIS BAG

  143. purpleshoes says:

    I love a beautiful tan leather tote

  144. su Mallison says:

    Leather handbags. The Paolo Masi bucket bag has caught my eye

  145. Christine Monk says:

    No outfit is complete without a quality leather handbag and a black Carbotti Designer Italian leather hobo handbag would quickly become my favourite accessory!

  146. Claire D says:

    I love my cashmere scarf

  147. Yvonne Wilkinson says:

    Giorgio Fedon cabin bag

  148. Jane Lewis says:

    I love a pair of buttersoft leather goods & a pashmina scarf

  149. Wendy Murphy says:

    My favourite item from the current Attavanti collection is the Arcadia Auria Designer Italian Large Leather Backpack. Not only is it chic and stylish it’s incredibly practical for me as I invariably have to carry a lot of work paraphernalia around with me. This backpack will free up my hands AND give me kudos to boot!

  150. andrea miles says:

    i have a gorgeous fairtrade shawl, it’s great for extra warmth at this time of year

  151. kellyjo walters says:

    My marc jacobs purse my husband bought me for our 10th anniversary

  152. Mary Davis says:

    My favourite luxury accessory is a real leather handbag – I adore leather, the look and feel of it!!

  153. victoria says:

    my luxury leather backpack <3

  154. Crystal Ferriman says:

    My favourite at the moment is my faux fur stole by Ted Baker

  155. Lesley Bain says:

    A good pair of soft leather gloves

  156. chirag patel says:


  157. Richard Booth says:

    My black leather Aspinal of London travel wallet

  158. Tanya Kas says:

    I’d love to win a Vannini Italian Designer Leather 2 Colour Duo Tote. So stylish ❤️

  159. Heather Jenkinson says:

    I was fortunate enough to inherit an Hermes kelly Bag from my Nanna, I love it so much, it reminds me of her and is so stylish.

  160. Katy Bulcock says:

    My Ted baker purse in rose gold I love it 🙂

  161. Carole Nott says:

    a luxury black leather bag – always just right

  162. Sophia Kearney says:

    my favourite luxury travel accessory would be a beautiful travel bag!

  163. Pat Healy says:

    My pashmina brought from Pakistan by a friend is just right for winter

  164. Lesley says:

    A leather handbag every time!

  165. Josh says:

    The leather jewellery case

  166. alisa moore says:

    My favourite luxury accessory has got to be leather gloves

  167. Zara Land says:

    My Kate Spade handbag ?

  168. Karen Painter says:

    My favourite luxury accessory is a tan leather handbag. The colour goes with anything.

  169. Kay Broomfield says:

    My favourite luxury accessory is my Gucci leather belt.

  170. Hazel Scourfield says:

    Bonfanti Leather And Liberty Lodden Tote Shopper Handbag – Blue, I’ve been looking for a bag like that since a similar (much cheaper) one broke last year!

  171. Felicity Kelly says:

    I love a beautiful leather wallet, that makes me happy!

  172. Diane Halliwell says:

    My favourite would be a brightly coloured super-soft snuggly warm scarf. x

  173. Sarah Wilson says:

    My gorgeous leather travel/passport wallet!

  174. Sheena Read says:

    A leather holdall

  175. jamie Millard says:


  176. Diana says:

    My luxury warm gloves 🙂

  177. Yvette D says:

    My new down filled mid leather coat – so cosy

  178. Melanie Burton says:

    My favourite luxury item has got to be my handbag. It’s not designer, but it’s my favourite colour and it fits everything I need into it!

  179. Tinks says:

    Some soft leather gloves

  180. Julie Camm says:

    A handbag always adds the finishing touch

  181. Tiff Jordan says:

    I love my leather key fob which I polish every time I clean my shoes!

  182. Victoria L says:

    My favourite luxury accessory is my Mulberry bag. It is a classic style, never goes out of fashion and is wonderful quality meaning that it will stand the test of time.

  183. My most favourite is the mulberry bags i love to own one

  184. Deb Pettit says:

    My Husband bought me a seksy rocks watch, I love it. Im a sparkle lover

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