Why you should put your Christmas Tree up in November

November 21, 2017
should you put christmas tree up in november

It’s the time of year where the UK suddenly becomes divided, with opinions split between Christmas lovers and festive haters. Already it has begun where Scrooges of the internet have rained on parades of anyone getting into the festive spirit and we’re here to object, putting the case forward for the early xmas celebrator.

christmas decorations tree snowflake

Putting your decorations can be a tradition in itself, giving excuse to get the family doing an activity together, with the decorations potentially also having sentimental meaning to your clan. Doing this early gives better reason to start undertaking your other traditions as early as possible, focusing on the core values of friendship, family and making time for what matters the most. Who can argue with that?

There will always be the materialistic side of Christmas, just look at this weeks omnipresent Black Friday ads everywhere you look if you disagree, but we shouldn’t forget what Christmas is about, taking time out from the daily grind and giving in to the cheesy festivities. So in the spirit of Christmas we encourage you to get merry, be happy and do whatever the hell you want with your house, sod the neighbours and Twitter courts of judgement.

Free to feel Festive

“It’s November, get a life” they proclaim on Twitter, feeling so enraged by someone enjoying Christmas early to openly tear them down on the internet. Protest though they might, science is on Christmas’ side as a new study this week by psychologists showed those who put their decorations up earlier are generally happier. Subjective and vague though the claim may sound, we’ll go with it as a good reason to get the tree out the attic.

Feeling ‘Christmassy’ is a contagious essence, with everything around us geared toward bringing out our inner Buddy the Elf. It’s all around us, in the adverts we see on TV, everywhere on social through the aesthetically blessed homes of influencers and in our select friends and family who are keen to start talking about the big day as early as possible.

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