Why it’s OK to be in a Style Rut

November 6, 2017
why it's ok to be in a style rut

The season has arrived where you can live your autumn/winter days in jumpers with not much variety, this might be disheartening to the veteran shopper who wants to adopt the latest trends as soon as they hit the catwalks but we’re making the case for the style rut for this AW17.

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Wardrobe Despair

There is the age old argument of ‘it it ain’t broke’ which is entirely applicable in this situation. So you’ve found your signature silhouette which happens to give you legs for days and make your waist rival that of a Kardashian, why change it? Of course style is all about moving forward with the seasons, but this doesn’t necessarily mean overhauling your entire wardrobe and steering away from comfortable shapes.

There are cheat ways to adapt to the weather without losing your signature sense of style, it’s all in the fabrics. Swap denim for velvet and embrace knitwear in exchange of satin. This way you get to keep those to-die-for pieces and find ways to encompass them to adhere to the fall climate.

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In Stylish Company

A style rut isn’t simply the fashion failure it may be perceived to be. Take a look at top style icons if you don’t believe us. From Alexa Chung to Anna Wintour, all have retained some key pieces which epitomise their personal fashions, without which they would be lost as well. This could be a signature bob a-la-Wintour or some statement denim which Alexa does impeccably.

If you find a pair of jeans which hug your figure beautifully, there’s no shame in snapping them up in five other hues. Likewise, if you keep re-wearing that one favourite jumper don’t despair, be glad it’s versatile enough to match multiple pieces and unabashed you’ve no doubt got your money’s worth of wear from it.

Finding your style groove takes time and whether that means sticking to what you know works or slowly developing a truly unique collection, either way works if it works for you.

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