What to look for when buying a luxury handbag

June 28, 2017

If you’re in the market for a luxury item it is imperative you know just what value you’ll be getting for your cash. STYLE etc gives you the ultimate guide to shopping for a designer item, ensuring your new must have accessory lasts the distance.

Country of Creation

Depending on the fabric, some countries will naturally be better choices of origin than others. For leather goods, anything made in the UK, Italy, France or Spain is usually a good place to start. Avoid countries which are renowned for cheap labour and unethical produce, a quick Google search can tell you everything you need to know about a brands supply chain and fabric source.

The price can often be a reflection of the cost to make, many brands such have leather and suede tanning factories of their own based in the UK, to ensure full control of design and quality of each individual item. The unfortunate truth sometimes can be that some products are as expensive as they are as they have been crafted by well paid workers in ethical environments, many which mass produce cheap items may not always follow best practises. ¬†That isn’t to say designer brands don’t enjoy a tasty profit margin as we are all aware of.

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louis vuitton handbag designer care guide


The materials themselves are equally important as where they are sourced. If shopping for delicate materials such as suede be sure to purchase any accommodating care products, such as suede protector which will be worth the buy to increase longevity and quality of your high end handbag.

For leather products, consider the texture and suppleness of the fabric. A grain or textured leather can take more wear, making it harder to scuff or mark. Patent leather is always a trickier material to care for as the tiniest marks can show up much more prominently, so again the right care products are recommended. More flimsy leather and suede may not wear as well carrying heavy loads as a more structured affair which may be specifically designed to take the weight better.

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Competitor Comparison

When shopping for a designer bag, another key tip is to identify what the need is and choose your style to suit your lifestyle. Once your dream shape and style is established, shop around to to compare designer brands who are offering similar styles. If you haven’t got your heart set on a particular designer it could be worth comparing the feel, design and most importantly price of alternate bags to ensure you are 100% getting the best quality and deal for your cash.

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