What to expect from the Thomas Sabo paradise collection

May 9, 2019
thomas sabo ring

Having previously taken a look at the Kingdom of Hearts collection from Thomas Sabo, we turn our attention to the vibrant and colourful Paradise collection. Fitting with the summer season, Paradise draws inspiration from several sources. The collection takes note of graphic design, boho trends and bold colours. Take a look at our overview of the range below.

Stunning Silver

The silver pieces in this collection make good use of sea-inspired colours. Pretty aquas are complemented with rich jade tones. There is a good attention to detail paid in the construction of these items, with intricate chains giving a delicate feel to the necklaces and bracelets. The design of some pieces show strong character, which Thomas Sabo does well. Cute pieces, like the lucky cloverleaf bracelet, give a personal feel to their designs.

Gold Goals

Jewell stones are used on the gold pieces to contrast and stand out. This creates a gorgeous effect and makes these items from the collection some of the most eye-catching. There is a regal feel to items like the ‘Colourful stone’ ring, making use of gothic references but updating them with vibrant colours. Other pieces reference popular shapes, like the ‘Hand of Fatima’ pendant. For added interest, shaped pieces like the triangular rings are perfect. The jagged edges on this design give an edge to what could have been a classic shape and this works perfectly for a modern bit of jewellery to add to your collection. 

Animal Inspiration

Our favourite aspect of this collection is most definitely the inclusion of animal inspired designs. These animal items are something Thomas Sabo is known for and executes brilliantly. Designs like the ‘Parrot’ ring and pendant are so intriguing in their design. The colours and detail just draw you in and create an effect you can’t stop looking at. There are also more simplistic designs, such as the more affordable version of the ‘Flamingo’ penchant, which make good use of colour but keep things more understated. We also have a soft spot for the gold bee bracelet, a piece any Mancunian could proudly sport as the mascot of our city.

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