What do your style choices say about you?

October 15, 2017
What do your style choices say about you?

You’ve heard the saying ‘first impressions count’ but how much impact does your appearance have on the people you meet? One brand took to find out by asking a sample of the public what their perceptions of style were.

Interview Attire

interview attire tie wear

Get suited up to a job interview may seem expected, but you may be surprised to know interviewers are becoming more relaxed on expectations of formal wear. 57% of those asked admitted they didn’t think it necessary to wear a tie to an interview.

Of course, the attire for the interview will depend on the job and there will always be more strict employers who see this as non-negotiable but on the whole this a refreshing development proving many employers are becoming less concerned with the clothes and more so with the candidate.  

Body art was unfortunately less progressive, with the generation of over 55’s mostly thinking it unacceptable to have tattoos on show in the workplace, this was challenged by the contrary results from those aged 18-44 who mostly agreed tattoos don’t matter in the workplace.

Beauty Ideals

make up perceptions conventions ideals heavy

The shift in beauty standards has always been an interesting topic to document, as time passes and freedom opens up for women to do their make up (or wear none at all) however the hell they please. 

Older generations again had the biggest problem with women wearing heavy make up in particular jobs, with Doctors, Managing Directors, Pilots and Teachers all coming under fire for wearing make up.

Younger people from 44 downwards were less concerned, on a more positive note. Either way we say express yourself as you deem fit, style yourself to make you confident and not for anyone else’s benefit. 

You have to live in the skin you are in, so best to always feel comfortable. As generations shift the study shows we are becoming more open minded which should certainly be celebrated in our society.

Survey undertaken by BuyTShirtsOnline.

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