W7 Pretty Please Eyeshadow Palette Review

May 11, 2019
w7 pretty please eyeshadow review

STYLEetc previously reviewed the ‘Blazin’ palette by W7 Makeup and Cosmetics brand, so we were eager to try the newest launch ‘Pretty Please’.


The Pretty Please Palette comes in a sturdy metal casing that works well for travel. Linking to the “Ripe and Ready” slogan on the front, the outer design features plum fruits, hinting at the beautiful plum and pink colours that will be revealed on the inside. 

Large gold lettering covers the top, showcasing the name of the palette. The boldness of the lettering juxtaposes the delicate nature of the name in a way which contrasts it’s contents. This use of font does allow it to stand out on the shelf.

For its pricing, the packaging is almost exactly what we would’ve hoped. It’s weighty, neat and compact. Opening it up, it unfortunately doesn’t have a mirror. This isn’t too much of a problem, but it would’ve just elevated it slightly, but this is understandable considering the price point. The product does come with a sleek double sided brush allowing you to apply and blend.

w7 pretty please eyeshadow palette


Looking at the colours, they are really what you’d expect from the packaging and name; featuring a lovely combination of matte and metallic nudes, pinks and plums.

The first three lighter nude colours, were found to be quite sheer and required several coats to achieve the matte look in the picture. This would be expected for the price and doesn’t take away from the finished look, of which there were no smudges or creases. The other colours were much better pigmented and required a lot less product to achieve a bold result.

The range of colours would be perfect for most skin tones and are buildable, giving you the option to choose between a bold or more subtle look. All of the colours could be blended well together to create different look, depending on your personal taste.

The mix of matte and shimmer eyeshadows gave the option to take your look from day to night. The range of colours were all in the neutral spectrum, featuring pinks, golds and browns. This combination of hues works perfectly for casual day wear and offers a good palette to create a summer look from, with most colours using warmer tones.

At the price of £9.95, you get 12 shades, which is better than expected and competitive for it’s market.  You have the option of a variety of lovely long-lasting colours, even if some do take a few layers to achieve a pigmented look. We would recommend this product for anyone looking to achieve a lovely summer  look on a budget.

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