W7 Blazin Eyeshadow Review

September 8, 2018
blazin eyeshadow palette review

Summer may be coming to an end but a good warm palette can easily adapt through the seasons. STYLEetc takes a look at the latest Blazin palette in our latest beauty review for your benefit.

w7 cosmetics blazin palette review


The obvious comparison to make here is with the Heat Naked palette, the colours and theme certainly draw similarity. 

Whilst the name ‘Blazin’ may emit funny connotations depending what your slang is, we can’t argue with the design and found the orange and red design to be striking, popping off the shelf with colour.

The box is a metal tin, very sturdy and perfect for travel as it safely protects the product inside. The lid presses on and off easily, again providing security for on the go.

Inside there is a black tray with shadow pans aligned in a row and a long double ended brush for blending. The brush was basic but did the job, with higher end product the details as with the brush will always be a little more focus on frill, meaning this budget one was never going to be as fanciful but it did not disappoint.

The presentation is neat and the colours are arranged in a nice fashion. The absence of a mirror was noticeable but as this is a lower end item not a shock.

shades blazin palette w7


w7 cosmetics blazin image

The powders were lightweight and come up easy when brushed. There was minimal fall-down on application, noticeably less than the Naked palette our writer had previously tried.

The colours had a slight sheer element to them, which blended very easily together. If you are looking for a bolder application, you would need to layer up on the shadow but overall this gave a nice finish we were happy with.

We found the colours travelled well, you can achieve a lot with a little, which is good value considering the cost price of the palette.

Colour Range

We loved the colours given in this range, yes they are very similar to heat, but at a quarter of the cost you can’t complain.

12 hues are provided in this collection, encompassing some almost autumnal berry shades, vibrant oranges and nude basics. There are a mix of shimmer and matte finishes to mix things up depending on what look you are going for.


The Blazin palette impressed us based on it’s budget price (less than a tenner). The powders allowed us to create some great daytime glows and more vamped up nighttime drama.

The range of 12 colours worked well, we found ourselves frequently dipping into the nude shades to blend out bolder choices and the packaging was impressive value for money.

The Blazin palette is available online at W7 Cosmetics.

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