VTech Little Friendlies Happy Hippo Teether Review

April 27, 2017
VTech Little Friendlies Happy Hippo Teether Review

To kick start our all new Mum and Baby section to STYLE etc we’ve got our mum and baby testers to try the latest products from a range of brands, starting with this VTech Little Friendlies Happy Hippo Teether.

Carefully designed with babies best interests in mind, the Happy Hippo Teether is lightweight, perfect for your child to cuddle and drop at their leisure with no serious consequence. The middle of the toy features an electronic panel which includes light up heart and speaker. When pressed the Hippo sings and speaks, which babies appeared to love interacting with.

The Hippo’s arms are crafted with a crinkle cut texture, made for inquisitive little ones to grasp and enjoy stimulated contact with. This was something which was an instant hit with our tester baby, who adored the feel and sound of the fabric. The product is also a purse friendly £10.00, offering competitive pricing within the child toy market against similar products.

vtech wilko happy hippo teether toy


Here’s what our tester mum had to say of the Little Friendlies Happy Hippo Teether:

“This is a fantastic toy. My 6 month old loved this immediately, it’s the perfect size for him to hold, great for him to chew on as he is teething and has a good variety of sounds, flashing lights and textures. This can be easily taken out for day trips and is a great distraction when trying to get him dressed as it makes him stop wriggling! The centre can be removed so the toy can be washed which is great for a dribbling, teething baby. This was a life saver when we got stuck in traffic for hours and this kept him happy and entertained. This also comes with an off switch which is great for our sanity.”

Verdict: 5/5

Browse the VTech Little Friendlies Happy Hippo Teether from Wilko.

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