Vivienne Westwood Melissa Shoes Review

October 9, 2017
vivienne westwood melissa shoes love space orb review

They’re the shoes every brand lover stocks up on, so STYLEetc decided to put the Vivienne Westwood Melissa Space Love Orb Shoes to the test to see if they’re worth the designer price tag.

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vivienne westwood melissa shoes orb pastel blue
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Made of recyclable PVC the fabric may seem odd at first but you soon get used to it. After the first wear the back heel did rub slightly but by the third wear materials had moulded more to suit the foot. Once broken in these flats will be super comfy and can be worn for hours with no blisters or marks.

Melissa’s structure and technologies come into play with the wearability, as the melflex plastic outer bends easily to suit movement. A micro heel is embedded to create a slight arch to support the foot along with the cushioned sole.

A soft cushioned sole allows more comfortable wear and a thicker bottom to support feet. They aren’t the best for rainy days given the openness of the top and the rim goes quite far round the ends of the toes but this doesn’t deter from the comfortable wear.

vivienne westwood melissa shoes orb
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The designs of these shoes are statement and bold (like Vivienne herself) and come in a rainbow selection of colours. We particularly love the patent options, with the patent black offering a gorgeous shine finish, better wearing to hide scratches.

The signature gold orb appears on most versions, with gold tonal hardware being the focal point of design throughout all styles. The orb has become renowned with the brand, epitomising Vivienne’s punk inspired roots and British identity.

After 12 months of owning a pair, the patent versions have slightly scuffed, but it has to be said that is from vigorous and frequent wear throughout the year. The shoe shows no signs of breakage and is still fully intact. At a guide price of around £100.00 we’d say it’s definitely worth the investment.

Each pair is designed down to the last detail and comes scented. The shoe smells lovely, a really unusual fragrance which lasts a good few months throughout wear. It’s a nice added touch showing the attention paid in crafting these flats.

vivienne westwood melissa shoes orb grey heart
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vivienne westwood melissa shoes orb patent black
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Which to Buy

Our recommendation is to shop a solid black pair to begin, ones you know you’ll wear with everything. After a few wears expand your collection with some pastel and bright styles to suit the season.

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