Victoria’s Secret Instore Service Review

December 17, 2018
victorias secret review

Many stores offer a measure and fit but different results can come from all. We stopped by the Trafford Centre to see what one of the leading fashion lingerie brands Victoria’s Secret had to offer from it’s personalised shopping service.

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Bra Fit and Measure

Victoria’s Secret offers a bra fit and measure service so you can ensure you find your perfect fit before committing to buy if you haven’t shopped before. We all know one of the perils of bra shopping is many stores inconsistencies with sizing, leaving spenders unsure of what size they actually are.

The staff are dedicated to helping you find the ideal style and fit and we were impressed by the process of shopping assistance. Staff start by asking your current size and where you shop to give an indication of what size you may be there, they then take your measurements by tape (whilst keeping your current bra on) then go away with some sample bras to try.

Those bras come in 4 difference styles,  some boosting with a lot of padding, some mesh with underwire, this gives you the chance to identify the staple shape you are looking for. Once you have chosen your preferred style the assistants allow you to get dressed then show you around the meticulously merchandised store, where all styles are split into sections so you can narrow down the best areas to browse and save time scouring the rails. 

The experience was  great and introduced us to the different ranges Victoria’s Secret offers. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly and we couldn’t recommend the service enough. It saved time, made for efficient shopping and gave support to ask the experts who work their for their advice. 

Bra Styles and Ranges

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Images credited to Victoria's Secret

In terms of support you can get as much or as little as you desire, with choice of unlined, lightly lined or push ups.  You can have ones you want to show off or discreet T-Shirt bras which won’t show a seam, the range is truly great.

Materials and colour are playful, taking into account the trends of the season. What’s good about the brand is their confidence on style and no fear of edgy design. 

The prices are competitive, higher than average for some, but with some great value sale items. For the quality it’s well worth the spend.

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