Valentine’s Gifts for Everyone

January 17, 2018
valentines day gifts for him and her

Love it or loathe it you cannot escape the noise around Valentine’s Day each year. If you have a special someone in your life shopping for the perfect gift can vary dependent on budget and tastes.

STYLEetc are here to help you shop, covering the classics and the unexpected in our comprehensive Valentines Gift Guide for him and her.

For Her

valentines day flowers for her
  1. Classic: The Holy Trinity

Roses, chocolates and jewellery will never go amiss on February 14th; but why not put a little extra thought into your gift this year and buy her something truly special. Is she missing earrings for her favourite outfit?

What was that special truffle she couldn’t get enough of on your last holiday? Are there flowers she’d love even more than roses? Keep it classic, but give it that personal touch that will make the day extra special.

  1. Unexpected: The event

Presents that involve doing something as a couple are always so much more special than things. Rather than simply buying another object to commemorate the day, why not get out there and make some memories? Whether it’s a chocolate tasting, tickets to the theatre, or mini break for the two of you- then find something unique that the two of you can share in together. It could be travelling back to the place you first met, or even just staying in for a home cooked meal- but planning a special event, is the perfect way to celebrate February 14th.

For Him

  1. Classic: The Wardrobe

Treat him to the tie, the wallet, the slippers… hey, even the new socks that he secretly wants this Valentines. If you can afford it, never underestimate the power of a well-tailored suit over a man’s heart and don’t forget the accessories- cufflinks, pocket watch, pocket square- they’re all amazing presents so why not go classy this Valentines?

Whether he’s a dress up guy, or happy in a more casual look- there’s bound to be something you can bring to his wardrobe that will put a smile on his face.

  1. Unexpected: The gadget

Surprise him this Valentine’s day by showing that you really did listen when he was talking about his favourite game, app, or the latest software. Whatever your gender or sexuality- technology may be something that goes right over your head; so, pay extra attention over the following weeks to pick up on any clues he may be dropping.

Surprise him with that game he doesn’t need, but really wants, or the latest version of his favourite. Forget what you may like this Valentines, and think only about what he will really cherish.

meal date valentines day dinner

For Them

  1. Classic: The Meal

If you’re dating, or close with someone, who doesn’t identify with the gender binary and may not want a present pandering to traditional archetypes, you can’t go wrong with a good meal. Do your listening in the run up to Valentine’s and suss out their cuisine of choice and get booking in early (places always book up fast). Read our Food section for Manchester restaurant suggestions.

A book voucher, for music, or even food- this gift can still be a personal way of saying ‘I love you’ if it’s personal enough. The key is to listen and note their interests to demonstrate your knowledge of your partner.

  1. Unexpected: The plan

Why not plan a surprise for the person you love this February 14th? Plan a surprise party with their friends, or a cosy day in so they can hide from the world.  Plan the perfect day in for you by the person you love. This will require more effort, but will certainly make the day memorable, and bring you closer as a couple. Any excuse to take a day off and make time for one another will always be welcome to any relationship.

For Friends

galentines friends gifts valentines day prosecco
  1. Classic: The booze

Valentine’s day is for celebrating all kinds of love, and friends are often the people we keep in our lives for longest. Treat your nearest and dearest to their favourite kind of fancy booze this year- or non-alcoholic alternative for all those teetotallers. It could be the gin they can never afford, or the beer that you always enjoy- but make sure your friends know how important they are to you.

  1. Unexpected: The party

Whether it’s a Galantines party, a night out with the guys, or one big house party- this is the perfect time of year to celebrate with all your friends, single or otherwise. Christmas and New Years are behind us so we all need a little bit of the Valentine’s Day fun to keep us going until Easter. Throw a party for your friends to celebrate in style, and shake off those February blues.

For You

  1.  Classic: The thing you need

Treat yourself this Valentines and practice a little of the self-care that is so important to our mental health. Take time out of your busy schedule to get yourself the new shampoo, jumper, or even car, that you need. This is the time to celebrate love, and if that list doesn’t include yourself then it really should! What is it you need this Valentines? Don’t wait for someone else to give it to you- go out and get it.

  1. Unexpected: The thing you want

Self-love takes many forms and maybe you’ve hit that point where something you need just isn’t going to cut it any more. Take a break from the boring practicalities of life, and treat yourself to something that you actually want. It could be anything from a night in with a good book and a cup of tea, through to a full-blown holiday. Valentines can put us all under pressure to meet ‘the one’, but if we’re happy with ourselves then why would you need to? Whatever presents you are buying this Valentines- remember, there are so many different kinds of love, and they’re all worth celebrating.

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