UK Takeaway Habits and most Popular Dish revealed

December 28, 2016
UK Takeaway Habits and most Popular Dish revealed hungry house

December warrants good excuse to ditch the diet and fully indulge in the temptation of perhaps not so healthy choices. In a post-Christmas family do it may be standard to catch up with your loved ones over a quick and simple takeaway, no washing up required, which is why Hungry House has revealed some of those specific quirks and traits we’re sure every family can relate to in a Take-Out Food Survey.

Triggered from conversations between real people in the brand’s latest TV advert, hungryhouse held a month of debates on their social media channels and conducted research amongst their user base to obtain answers to some of the age old debates when it comes to enjoying your favourite takeaway treat.

Findings indicate that despite the recent rise of the overly-styled, “hipster” gourmet burger, a classic no frills burger is still Britain’s favourite, indicating that the nation won’t be swayed by the hype and prefers the good, old fashioned classics. With the ever happening pop-ups and openings of new Burger Joints in Manchester alone, it’s clear customers have an enduring appetite for the humble Hamburger.

UK Takeaway Habits and most Popular Dish revealed hungry house

When it comes to stacking said Hamburger, 76% were happy to eat all extras included not missing out on the usually divisive gherkin, which appears to not be quite the marmite accompaniment it has sometimes seemed. Other unsuspecting debate winners include classic ketchup over mayo, proper chippy chips over American fries and a helping of cheese in a burger over a plain hamburger.

Respondents were fussier with their pizza choices results showed with a 50/50 divide on whether fruit was acceptable as a topping, with half choosing to ditch the classic Hawaiian choice of Pineapple.

In the spirit of waste not want not, only a handful of Brits throw their leftovers away which is positive to hear in an age of recycling encouragement. 3/4 of those questioned owned up to not neglecting that leftover pizza or meal, saving the remains for a later snack. In terms of serving said leftovers, more Brits were in favour of doing it properly with cutlery and plates over the less refined binging from the takeaway box option.

UK Takeaway Habits and most Popular Dish revealed hungry house

Of course if you are under the age of 24 it may be fairly standard procedure to snap your food for social media before digging in, with snap-happy millenials most likely to Instagram their meal whilst it’s still intact. It’s no surprise the older generations are less likely to partake in this visual ritual, with 83% of over 25’s quite happy to dig in with no evidence left behind.

Alice Mrongovius, CEO at, said: “Everyone loves a good takeaway but we all have our own way of enjoying it. These age old questions surrounding takeaway were triggered by the real conversations in our advert so we decided to get answers, once and for all. There are definitely surprises in the findings – some which go against our idea of how Britain likes to eat, but either way it’s great to see how passionate people get about takeaway.”

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