Try Vegan brand Pana Chocolate this National Chocolate Week

October 11, 2016
Pana Chocolate Vegan Chocolate Bars

National Chocolate Week 2016 has arrived and with all the temptation of chocolatey themed recipes and exclusively made treats to honour the event surrounding us, it provides the perfect excuse to indulge in one of our favourite afternoon snacks. National Chocolate Week aims to promote fine flavour chocolate and independent artisan chocolatiers in a host of events across the country to showcase some of the best and most exciting chocolate brands in the world.

With people becoming more mindful of the foods they are consuming and the rise of veganism, it makes sense that a company would create a chocolate bar to cater to this shift in modern lifestyles and changing dietary requirements. Founded by the eponymous Pana Barbounis in Australia in 2012, Pana chocolate was created with the aim of crafting luxurious chocolate the whole world can enjoy – without compromising on ingredients or ethical standards.

Pana Chocolate Coconut and Goji Berry

Pana Chocolate bars are made from 100% vegan certified, organic ingredients without the use of refined sugar, gluten or soy. These unique chocolate bars are handmade using raw ingredients including Bolivian cacao pods, Indonesian coconuts, Mexican dark agave and Spanish wild carob that are all directly sourced from their countries of origin; these are then combined using minimal heat for a truly natural tasting, rich chocolate experience unmarred by synthetic ingredients and preservatives. Pana chocolate is also naturally packed full of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals for added health benefits (who said chocolate can’t be good for you?).

Pana Chocolate offers an array of exciting and unexpected flavour combinations including Coconut & Goji Berry, Sour Cherry & Vanilla, Pineapple & Ginger along with more classic Mint and Nut flavours for luxurious and sophisticated chocolates to suit all tastes and preferences.

Pana Chocolate Fig and Wild Orange

Pana Chocolate also takes pride in its’ high ethical standards and social responsibility by sourcing all raw materials straight from their country of origin to offer a sustainable source of income for local workers and farmers – in fact all of Pana Chocolate’s main ingredients are branded as Fairtrade. Pana Chocolate even goes as far as to ensuring all packaging used is 100% recyclable and the company’s carbon footprint and impact on the environment is kept to a minimum.

Not only does Pana Chocolate taste good, it also does a world of good.

As well as individual chocolate bars, Pana Chocolate also offers an array of mixed flavour giftpacks suitable for any occasion.

Pana Chocolate bars are priced from £3.20 and are available from a number of specialist wholefoods stores and online retailers, visit Pana Chocolate’s website to find your nearest stockist.

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