Trend Report: Return of the Cowboy

January 22, 2018
return of the cowboy boot trend

Another year, another reinvention of a trend, this year sees the return of the classic cowboy boot. The much-loved footwear style made an appearance at New York fashion week back in September 2017 and was seen on the catwalk for designers including; R13 and Calvin Klein, as well as style spotted on blogger Jan Quammie pre-show. 

Dubbed ‘the only shoe that matters by Maire Claire, STYLEetc discusses the return of the cowboy boot for 2018.

cowboy boot trend 2018

Return of the Cowboy

A versatile structure, even when daringly styled the cowboy boot manages to look cool, reducing chance of fashion faux pas and increasing wear for value.

Easily  paired with boot cut jeans, a multitude of skirts or a bohemian dress, the cowboy boot will become a staple for upcoming SS18 wear. 

The trend made its comeback at Hood by streetwear brand ‘Air’ last September where the brand presented a rather bizarre looking boot that faced forwards and backwards at the same time in mirror-like fashion. Later, Phoebe Philo (Celine) and Raf Simons (Calvin Klein) both latched on to the Texan trend with both reins to create their S/S 18 collections, bringing the shoe back to the forefront of design and seeing the eventual trickle effect down through to the high street.

Ways to Wear

  • Give your relaxed shirt and jeans style a western feel, perfect for those shopping trip days or a casual lunch with friends.
  • It’s almost time for festival season and events as such are the perfect place to let your inner bohemian goddess shine through. Pair your boots with boho inspired clothing, whether that’s a dress, skirt, shorts. Comfy and fashionable, you’ll be able to dance the day and night away.
  • With spring is swiftly on the way, we still have those cold, crisp days. Cowboy boots are the perfect accessory to give your transitional outfit a giddy up.
  • Nostalgic cinema always proves a trove for inspiration,  from 50s Hollywood films American Graffiti to being part of the ‘post-hippy aesthetic’ in the 70s. The cowboy boot was a symbol of female sexuality in the 90s/00s where they could be seen on Britney Spears, who wore them with a bikini and Kylie Minogue who wore them with just her underwear.
cowboy boots style fashion ss18 brands

So what for 2018?

Many designers have already incorporated cowboy boots into their shows as shown in New York fashion week, just a lick of things to come. We can certainly expect to see a lot of them this year, working there way into typically reworked boho aesthetic, but what excites us is the potential to mix genres and see styling re-imagined for a contemporary view. 

To be in on this trend fast you better get your boots walking to the nearest high street or online store to shop.

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