Trend Report: Eighties Revival

August 4, 2017
1908s eighties trend revival fashion advice

When it comes to 80’s fashion, any connoisseur will know that the years between 1980 and 1989 were either vehemently loved or hated. This year has brought back the 1980s, bringing with it an explosion of colour, leather and structure, instructing us to be bold and to love every minute of it.

bright delights fashion 1980s eighties revivial

Bright Delights

Done wrong and you could look like a children’s TV presenter or costume party attendee, but done right and you can liven up your wardrobe and create more dynamic style.

Big prints go hand in hand with typical 1980s colour choices, creating dynamic styles that scream ‘look at me’. Don’t overdo it though as you could be left looking a literal clown. 

For new season take colour in a demure way, opt for flattering shaped dresses. If you aren’t brave enough to go full in for colour, try adding pops of colour to you usual attire, a red heel here, cobalt blue bag there and you’re on your way to a more colourful collection.

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leather jacket trend fashion guide

Leather Loving

Skin tight leather trousers that hug every bit of your legs with no room to spare became the pinnacle of 1980s rock style. 

Leaving you feeling like you’ve conquered one of the tasks Hercules was put to do just to get them on, simply wearing leather trousers was an achievement in itself (hello stretch PU). 

Oversized leather jackets in the boldest of styles are always assured to assign status and attitude, no matter the look.

Think Joan Jett and Debbie Harry for vintage inspiration. Idols every badass girl wanted to be (and probably still do). Evoke your darker side by embracing some leather into your collection, the beauty is it’s a style which never dies so worth investing in.

leather jacket look trends eighties

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modern power suit dressing

Power Suit Style

Power dressing defined 1980s fashion, just take Donna Karan as prime example of city slicking independent woman style.

Large shoulder pads ala Dynasty carried power dressing through the 1980s. This should be approached with caution when reinventing for 2017, go for lesser shoulder pads for definition that doesn’t make you look like you’ve been hitting the gym too hard.

When styling a power suit keep your accompanying items to suit. Heels go well with a trouser suit, and don’t forget a statement bag for a completing statement.


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