Trend Editorial: All Black Everything

August 23, 2017
Trend Editorial: All Black Everything

There are those among us who avoid colour like there’s no tomorrow, minimalists who know what they want and it only comes in black. Today’s trend editorial feature highlights this group and explores a way in which to style an all-black ensemble.

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Gothic Influence

Going for a clear Gothic inspired vision, our model shows how to transition from alternative teenage stage to sophisticated Goth. Taking note from earlier phases and reintroducing them to a matured landscape.

Hints of drama are styled in an understated way, giving subtle hints of personality whilst still retaining an elegant silhouette. 

The bodycon structure to the dress clings to the body and emphasises curves, showing off the femininity of the figure, whilst the draping shape of the jacket creates flattering lines to juxtapose in an effective way.

The chest area features a sheer mesh panel, decorated with a spotted design to add something of an evening feel, set to elevate the overall look for a more formal result. Under the chest a tie knot feature adds some extra detail, bringing interest to the basic design.

The focal point of attention lies with the jacket, as the eye is instantly drawn to the feathered effect faux-fur collar, bringing drama and attitude to the staple dress underneath. 

The shoes are statement in their own merit, bringing faux-fur into the mix a second time, with quite a different effect. Replicating higher end brands version of ponyhair materials, the faux option adds a bristled panel to the upper of the shoe. A block sole and side detail frames this fabric, with a thick patent buckle strap holding everything in place for the finishing. 

Standalone these pieces can be styled in a multitude of ways, but in our styling each piece brings it’s own value to put together a polished finished result. Opting for socks over tights shows a bit of skin to break up the darkness of each section and ensures the style is complementary to it’s wearer. 

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Top Tips for Styling All Black Outfits

  • Leave sections of skin to separate the overwhelming single hue.

  • Decide upon your personal style and stick to it throughout, be it; Gothic, contemporary, business or other.

  • Balance out dramatic pieces with basic shapes.

  • Adhere hairstyles to suit the overall theme of your look.

  • Don’t opt for large items which will overbear your natural shape.

  • Stick to shapes you know suit and invest in them.

  • Do invite mixed textures together and experiment with alternate combinations.

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Photography: Leanne Coppock    Model: Katey Hayward

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  1. Your model is absolutely stunning!

  2. Katie says:

    The model is absolutely gorgeous! Love the dress!

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