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April 13, 2017
london travel review things to do

No matter what your interests, London is a universal choice throughout the year for a cultured getaway. The UK capital is rich with historic reference and delicious food offerings, making it easy to be overwhelmed when planning your trip. STYLE etc has rounded up the main attractions to visit in London to keep you busy on your trip.

When visiting London, it’s typical have crammed-packed itineraries and deciding between what sites to see can be tough to ensure you tick the majority off your list.

westminster abbey london landmarks

Historical Landmarks

Buckingham Palace is a popular landmark located in the heart of the Westminster. The Queen’s famous residence attracts over 400,000 visitors a year from all over the world. On certain royal occasions and services, an opportunity to see the queen herself may arise if you’re lucky.

Other attractions to add to your list of course must include; Big Ben, The London Eye and the Houses of Parliament, each giving great photo opportunities and the chance to enrich your knowledge of the city (although we suspect most are there for the former). If selfies are on the agenda, you can’t leave without hitting up one of the iconic red phoneboxes for a like-inducing insta-snap.

london red bus travel review

The Capital is brimming with royal references throughout the city, channelled via statues and figures at all the tourist-trap landmarks. Being the renowned city that it is, London isn’t in short supply of bumping into a famous face or two, even if they are composed of wax. Madame Tussaud’s is the wax work celebrity get together that allows the public to photograph and have an insight into what it would be like to see them for real. From One Direction to the Royal Family, Madame Tussaud’s offers a variety of faces to snap for all the family to enjoy.

If the weather permits, St. James Park is an idyllic setting for picnic or simply just to chill out. Great for people watching, it is one of London’s many parks worth a visit. What’s not to love about the big city when it contains more opulent parkland than any other world capital?

dining table

Capital Food

When it comes to evening activity, a romantic meal for two with a large glass of wine and a relaxing atmosphere is just the ticket for couples to enjoy. Luckily, London offers some of the best restaurants in the UK to fulfil such needs. Chino Latino located in the Plaza on The River hotel is just one example of an award-winning cuisine which we can personally recommend.

The restaurant and bar at Chino Latino offers a unique setting for guests, open to hotel residents and passers-by alike. The Plaza on the river has previously accommodated guests such as star fighter David Haye, after his recent boxing feud, putting you in good company.

London also offers a phenomenal trip back to the dark days of the Capital’s history. If you’re looking for a thrilling experience, fulfilled with knowledge and information, then the London Dungeons is for you. Look into the depths of the past as The Plague took hold of the city and the form of punishment was unimaginable. Theatrical actors and special effects make this attraction seem like you’re reliving the events of history.

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Party Central

The Capital also hosts a great nightlife that cannot be forgot about. Crowded with luxurious nightclubs and bars, residential DJ’s entertain guests with snippets of live jazz and karaoke in more bespoke offerings to cater to specific tastes. If the standard clubbing scene is more for you, the Capital offers nights out with different genres of music and a range of cocktail and drink menu’s. Fabric and Ministry of Sound are widely acknowledged as places to go for house and dance enthusiasts.

Check out Visit London to plan your trip and see all the capital city has to offer.

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