Touch Beauty Electric Facial Cleanser Review

July 16, 2017
touch beauty  Vanity Planet’s Ultimate Skin Spa System review

Our writer Emilia reviews whether the TOUCHBeauty’s Electric Facial Cleanser Set lives up to claims of improving complexions and reducing blemishes.

Shopping for Facial Cleansers

After years of buying scrubs, masks and peels and noticing a negligible improvement in my complexion, it was time to purchase some machinery to tackle my stubborn blemishes.

Vanity Planet’s Ultimate Skin Spa System was first choice with it’s minimalist case, dual-speed settings and a choice of three aggressive-looking brushes. An impressive first impression. The price tag on was less impressive at a budget-stretching £100.

Another three google searches and a scroll through Amazon later, however, I found exactly what I was looking for – TOUCH Beauty’s Electric Facial Cleanser Set.

This exfoliating brush is almost identical to the Vanity Planet Spa Systems, with all its lavish attachments additionally similar. The only difference is TOUCH Beauty’s option is almost one fifth the price, making the choice of which to buy pretty simple.

TOUCH Beauty’s Electric Facial Cleanser Set review

Shopping for Facial Cleansers

After using the brush for four months and I am very impressed with the results, which is more than could be said about any face wash previously used.  For the first month, I was exfoliating religiously, morning and night.  However, I have recently been using the brush just once every other day and noticed that the results are equally as good.

The cleanser set comes with three interchangeable brushes.  One cleaning and clearing brush for oily skin, one silicone cleansing brush for sensitive skin and one skin refreshing brush for all skin types.  The TOUCH Beauty Electric Facial Cleanser Set is the only product that has made any significant improvement to my skin and at just 30 seconds a time.  It’s also great for when you’re travelling.  Its hard case keeps it protected in your bag and it does the job of all nine of your face products simultaneously.

This £20 beauty bargain really is worth every penny and it is, for sure, my wisest investment.  Put down your eighth bottle of blackhead clearing cleanser and get yourself an exfoliating brush – you won’t regret it.

TOUCH Beauty’s Electric Facial Cleanser Set review

This product was paid and purchased for review and is not a sponsored post.

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