Three Interiors Styles inspired by Britain

August 1, 2017
Three Interiors Styles inspired by Britain

Britain is known for it’s iconic aesthetics and rich history. Look around you and you will see a piece of British history wherever you look; be it the pub adorned with vintage tiles (we’re looking at you Peveril of the Peak in Manchester) or the ancient church bestowed with detailed artwork crafted from hours of tile input.

The brilliant nature of interior design (as with fashion) is it’s tendency to come back around. We’ve put together a guide of the re-surging tile trends which are key to updating your home drawing from their heritages, sourced from Porcelain Superstore’s British Tile Style campaign.


victorian tile decor style interiors

Definitive and striking, Victorian design is just as sought after today as in it’s prime. Think black and white chequered tiles, placed across hallways and bathrooms for setting the scene upon entering a household.

How to Style Victorian

Ornate pieces, such as round standalone bathtubs, gold taps and piping, can create the romanticised view to traditional Victorian home life. Keep wall tiles plain white, metro tiles are ideal for a complimentary style to suit.


mosaics tile trend british tile style

Mosaics create beautifully intricate patterns which add elegance and art influence to any home. Colour is a key component in conventional mosaic design, bringing statement design to the home for the bold interiors enthusiast.

How to Style Mosaics

Wooden shades go perfectly with the busy nature of mosaics, bringing a new take on Mediterranean style for a modernised kitchen. White accent pieces and accessories will neutralise the space by providing a break-up of colour.


delftware dutch tiles interior design

Inspired by the crockery your nan most likely collects, Delftware incorporates blue hued patterns which tell story of it’s Dutch heritage. Widely popular in Britain, Delftware has transitioned from the pots to the walls, adorning many a kitchen tile and creating signature look.

How to Style Delftware

The key to introducing this trend to your home is not to overdo it. Keep cabinets plain, think white cupboards with a dark wood surface to adhere to tradition or opt for minimalist shaped furniture for a more contemporary aesthetic.

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