Thomas Sabo: Kingdom of Dreams collection

October 7, 2018

Regal sophistication with a darker edge, the Kingdom of Dreams collection by Thomas Sabo brings attitude, elegance and luxury all to one place. We review the styles on offer for the current season.

Starring Jewels

Stars may not be a new silhouette to Thomas Sabo, but the brand always manages to make each iteration unique in design. Coloured stones and embossed gold plating exteriors give an intricacy to detail, providing a stunning result you’ll want to keep hold of.

Beads like the ‘Royalty Star Blue” wouldn’t look out of place atop a sceptre, featuring a mystical black patterned backdrop to the stunning clash of the front gold star. Similarly, the ‘Royalty Star’ pendant follows theme with a mixed selection of blue hues, but with scalloped edge detail around 4 points of the star for effect.

Gothic Crosses

Crosses are a signature for the brand and this particular collection brings influence from crown jewels with the Victorian cross being an example of this. 

The rose gold plating brings a modern update to a traditional structure, as well as tapping into the never going away trend to appeal to a new market.

Laced with red and purple, these colours wouldn’t usually sit side by side, it’s a case of it shouldn’t work but totally does.

There are skinnier pendants available in the necklace selection as well as other colour options for the Victorian Cross.

Other key pieces we love include the mismatched moon and star earrings (give us an odd pairing anytime for winning jewellery combinations) and the Cross Choker, which we see as the perfect choice for a luxe Halloween vibe.

The full collection is available at Thomas Sabo.

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