Things Women want from 2018 Fashion

June 19, 2018
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After centuries of women’s fashion evolving you would think we would pretty much have the ideal silhouettes and pieces nailed down by now, but it seems there are still things we want to see from our clothing in 2018.

pockets jeans real womens clothing

More Pockets

Seriously, guys don’t know how good they have with the actual functionality of their clothes. Most women are sick of buying a pair of jeans to discover the pocket is actually fake and gives no benefit for holding your essentials.

Pyjamas seem to follow this trend, with men’s pyjama bottoms always having pockets and women’s sparsely. Also, don’t get us started on dresses, everyone knows a dress with pockets is worth shouting about.

better materials for clothes

Better Fabrics

Men also seem to get it better most of the time in terms of quality of clothing. Women’s shirts are very hit and miss, sometimes flimsy, not wash friendly and often sheer.

The same can go for t shirts, with white being the worst colour to cater to as a women for fear of constantly flashing your bra through the cotton.

full length jumper fashion

Full Length Clothing

“I love this jumper- oh it’s cropped” are words we find ourselves uttering all too often, especially come winter when, you know, the aim is actually to cover up and keep warm in the blistering winds. Hopefully one day brands will get the memo we want more full length and less cropped everything.

real buttons on jeans

Real Buttons

Again with the fake features, many women’s shirts and skirts are culprits for the faux button trend. The entire existence of buttons is to act as a fastening device so you can get your clothes on and off with ease.

It detracts from the quality and is just plain annoying, especially if you don’t realise until after you have made purchase of the item.

better sportswear for women

Better Sportswear

Athleisure is a key area where women’s clothing has a way to come to be on par with men’s. Gym and sportswear in particular are frustrating to shop when they just don’t measure up to the male equivalent.

Not only do many sports items tend to go for style over function, they also have far less variety to choose from which is extremely disappointing in the age of equality. Leggings don’t offer pockets (again with the pockets), sports bras are hit and miss on fit and everything seems to be girly and figure accentuating rather than offering the diversity many women would like to see.

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