Things we take for granted as Teenagers

May 4, 2018
things you take for granted in your teens

They say the teenage years are the best years of your life, but for those of us past those days did we really take the time to stop and appreciate what we had? STYLEetc discusses.

1. Living Bill Free

Remember the joys of living month to month without those unfriendly letters hitting your doormat? We certainly do. It’s a sentiment your parents will drum into you time and time again, but until you reach the stage your earning money and subsequently having it deducted for general living costs it just doesn’t hit home. The anxiety, the budgeting, seeing your wage disappear before your very eyes come payday, we’d take being 15 again any day.

2. Going on Holiday for free

At least in your early teens, if not until 16, then you can enjoy the luxury of getting away for free. Whether your guardians favoured UK staycations or jet setting abroad, it can’t be knocked if you aren’t the one footing the bill. As an adult you’ll look back fondly on those holidays as you tot up your savings jar and set 6 month countdown to Florida 2020.

3. Getting a long break over Summer

Perhaps the most significant difference (unless you work in education or similar structured career) is getting a break from school that seemed like a lifetime. The 6 weeks break felt so long back then you’d return for a new term a different person, complete with brand new stationery set and school bag. Most in generic office jobs will never know such luxury again as they scramble to book a two week break before their co-workers, and don’t get us started on working through Christmas.

4. Seeing your Besties everyday

A silver lining to the chore that school can be is certainly building friendships and seeing those besties everyday. Never having the very adult problem of finding time to spend together whilst juggling a busy life already saturated with jobs, relationships, families and the rest, teens don’t realise how precious those days really are.

5. No Cooking or Cleaning

Ignoring the odd helping round the house you may do, serious cleaning is generally avoided in your younger years. From the bother of washing clothes, doing the dishes and tidying the house, it all takes more of your lifetime than you’d be happy about. Enjoying having time to do nothing, with little responsibility, can be sparse enjoyed as you reach adult life.

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