The Labyrinth Challenge comes to Haydock Racecourse

July 29, 2017
The Labyrinth Challenge comes to Haydock Racecourse

The world’s longest continuous inflatable obstacle course comes to Haydock Racecourse this weekend, drawing hundreds through Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th July.

the labyrinth challenge haydock racecourse
the labyrinth challenge haydock racecourse inflatable

The Labyrinth Challenge

Giving visitors the chance to run, jump, climb and slide their way through the course, the aptly named Labyrinth Challenge takes a good amount of energy to work through without rest (as we discovered).

The course takes you through a series of themed zones, starting at the lava zone, on to the jungle before the toxic zone, through the combat zone and finally finishing at the ocean zone. Belongings taken can be stored at a makeshift cloakroom next to the starting point for free.

The first obstacle to start is one to get your heart racing, by jumping 20ft from a platform onto a crash mat, a great way to get your adrenaline going for the rest of the course.

the labyrinth challenge haydock racecourse
the labyrinth challenge inflatable course uk

Inflatable Fun

The course is set out to suit all ages, with queues being staggered to allow visitors to go at their own pace, at any point people can stop and catch their breath if needed, or alternatively if you’re a sporty competitive type there is space for two to go at the same time on each obstacle, ideal for racing against your friends.

Beside the course is a mini option, designed for younger children to have a go with less demanding challenges to compete.

the labyrinth challenge inflatable course st helens
the labyrinth challenge haydock racecourse
inflatable slide haydock racecourse labyrinth
mini labyrinth haydock racecourse st helens

Inflatable Village & Details

A separate ‘village’ is also situated next to the Labyrinth Challenge, offering a range of inflatable themed games to partake in as you are waiting on friends or spending time after your turn.

For the village, ride tokens must be purchased separate to the main course. The games on offer include inflatable mini-golf, basketball, air tennis, football, laser quest and a giant wrecking ball to swing on.

Free parking is available and the course is super easy to find, close to the junction where East Lancashire Road meets the M6 motorway (Haydock Island).

haydock racecourse inflatable fun labyrinth challenge

Tickets are £15.00 (plus £1.25 booking fee online) and the course is available in 30 minute slots between 10am until 6pm.

The course will be touring around the UK on alternate dates so visit online to see when you closest pop-up is happening.

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