The Key to Gaining Confidence in your Twenties

November 14, 2017
The Key to Gaining Confidence in your Twenties

Twenties are a tumultuous time in anyone’s life, you officially make the move from teenager to fully fledged adult (apparently) and gain all the responsibilities you realise you never particularly wanted when you were younger (hello bills and tax). It isn’t all doom and gloom, however, so today we’re chatting the benefits of knowledge you can gain in your Twenties.


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Whilst you may still be finding your personal style you will certainly have gained the insight to many looks which worked and didn’t for you in your life so far. As your shape may have changed, so may have the types of clothes you wear to suit. It’s a known downfall that it gets harder to keep in shape the older you get so embrace it and work to your strengths now as opposed to dressing for the size you want to be.

The beauty of reaching your twenties is in how your confidence grows. Your inner critic hopefully will be lessened as you become more sure of your decisions and know which sources of advice to listen to. Now is the time to take fashion risks and wear things you can get away with. At this age you begin to care less what people think and so you should.


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Throughout your Twenties, there is still plenty of time to reach personal goals and achievements whatever order they may be in. If you choose to travel, this may push career dreams further back, which is nothing to be concerned of as you are fulfilling other aims.

If a advancing your career is high on the agenda this decade will be key to putting in the hours to work your way up in experience and skills. Going to university or taking additional courses can give you the advantage needed to secure a role you love. If you haven’t found that opportunity yet there is till plenty of time to study in your spare time or take up a hobby which could later become a career. Whatever your job, your years since leaving school will put you in good stead to have life experience which can be drawn from to have confidence at work.


Friends will come and go through your lifetime but there will always be a solid few characters who will stay pretty much constant throughout. These are the friends to value and make time for. Having friends you have established years of trust with is something to not take for granted, they have a wealth of knowledge of your life history and have been there for you through thick and thin.

As other areas of your life grow in confidence you’ll find it naturally easier in turn to be comfortable around people you may not have before. This can making friends in a new situation all the simpler and open doors to new friends you wouldn’t have met.


Whether single or in a committed relationship this area is where much pressure is placed throughout your Twenties. If you’re in a relationship you will forever be hounded by relatives asking when you’re going to move in together, buy a house and have babies. This can be frustrating if you’re perfectly happy as you are, after multiple grillings by all the family and the dog you will eventually become used to deflecting these questions and feel comfortable in your own skin to say you’re not in that place currently, and if you are you don’t have to tell anyone else regardless.

Dating will become easier if you have dated early in your Twenties or even before, past mistakes will lead you to know exactly what you want and don’t which will make you more sure of what’s right for you in a partner. If you have been with someone throughout the years you’ll become more comfortable as you get to know one another, strengthening your relationship for the future.

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