The Island Grill at Lola Lo

March 17, 2014

Since opening in December last year, Lola Lo has become one of the places to be on a Saturday night! But did you know that they serve food in the day too?

STYLEetc were invited to sample the delights of Lola’s Island Grill and we were not disappointed! Serving everything from chicken, to burgers and pulled pork, as well as veggie options, the menu has something for everyone.


On being seated in one of the booths, which are available to hire during the evening, our lovely waiter Sam, brought over some refreshing Cucumber water and fresh salty popcorn for us to nibble on while we perused the menu.


With so many exciting and unusual flavours, it was hard to narrow it down but be assured that whatever you pick, is freshly prepared to order, which is why our Jerk Chicken skewers had a real kick! They are served with a pineapple salsa, which is the perfect balance to refresh your palette after the heat of the Jamaican style chicken.

Jerk Chicken Skewers, £8.95

We also sampled the Pulled Pork Sandwich and BBQ Chicken Wings, which are both prepared using Lola Lo’s special blend of BBQ Sauce. The sandwich is served on thick toast and has a crunch inside, thanks to the use of crackling in the pulled pork! The wings come with chips and a pot of the infamous sauce so you can dip your chips in it too!


Pulled Pork Sandwich, £6.95


Crispy BBQ Chicken Wings and Chips, £9.25

The BBQ sauce, which is currently not available to buy, is made in house with a blend of Lola Lo Grog, which is also used in many of their dishes and cocktails. Lola Lo Grog is a special mix of five rums, including Havana Club Especial, Bacardi Gold, Bacardi Superior, Chairman’s reserve and Lambs Navy Rum.


Then for pudding, always my favourite part! The dessert menu only has four options on it, but it fully offers a taste of island life. We sampled the Lola Lo Pineapple and Coconut Cheesecake and the Hawaiian Dobash Chocoalte Cake.


The Cheesecake was delicious and creamy, and where most cheesecakes just use the juice of the fruit, Lola’s have used full chunks of pineapple, which gives it extra flavour and texture! It also comes with a mini Pina Colada cocktail, a perfect compliment to the dish.  (The bar is also open throughout the day if you want a full sized one!)


Lola Lo Pineapple and Coconut Cheesecake, £4.95

The Chocolate Cake was equally delicious, and possibly one of the nicest cakes we’ve ever had! It was so light, unlike some chocolate cakes which can be heavy, and it is also made with the Lola Lo Grog so you can really taste the rum coming through the chocolate! It’s served with coconut ice cream and a chocolate coated strawberry; heaven on a plate!


Hawaiian Dobash Chocolate Cake, £5.95

Everything was presented wonderfully, with chips and popcorn served in make-shift bamboo vessels and pieces of palm tree’s adorning the plates. The portions sizes are generous, add a few sides and you could share most of the dishes!


We would definitely recommend visiting Lola Lo for food, its great value, the staff are excellent and the atmosphere is the perfect place to laze away the afternoon! We will be back soon!


By Emily Parker


Do you like the sound of the Hawaiian Dobash Cake? Why not try and make it yourself at home with the recipe below! Send us your pictures to @STYLEetc when you’ve done it and we will retweet the best ones!


Chocolate Cake

Baking Powder 3 gm

Cocoa Powder 150 gm

Demerara Sugar 350 gm

Desiccated Coconut 50 gm

Eggs 3eggs separated

Good Rum 100 ml

Plain Flour 225 gm

Salt 3 gm

Vanilla Extract 2 ml

Vegetable Oil 100 ml

Whole Milk 300 ml



Chcolate Rum Butter Icing

Bitter Sweet Chocolate 60 gm

Butter 350 gm

Caster Sugar 150 gm

15 Eggs yolks only

Lola Grog 20 ml

Vanilla Extract 10 ml

water 20 ml


For the Cake

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour 2 8-inch pans. Beat egg whites until frothy; gradually beat in 150 grams sugar until stiff. Sift together remaining sugar, flour, baking soda, salt and cocoa. Make a well in centre; add oil and half of milk. Beat until well-blended at medium speed. Add remaining milk and egg yolks; beat until smooth. 
Fold mixture into the egg whites. Pour batter into pans and bake 30 to 35 minutes. Cool, then slice each layer in half to make 4 layers.

To prepare frosting:

Melt chocolate on double boiler. In a pan, add water and sugar and dissolve the sugar into syrup. Beat the butter in a steal bowl till lemon coloured and fluffy. Beat the egg yolks in a separate bowl till light and fluffy. Pour the sugar syrup into the butter slowly whilst beating it on a medium speed so it does not splash. Add the beaten egg yolks to the mix and beat in. Add the vanilla and rum and whip till light and fluffy. Ice the cake through each layer and then round the outside using a wet pallet knife. Dust the sides with roasted desiccated coconut.

Eat and Enjoy!

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