The things that make a kitchen cosy

July 30, 2019
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You could argue that kitchens are primarily designed for practicality; you’re in there to cook food or store your perishables and being comfy whilst you go about your business isn’t a top priority. Typically, kitchens are slightly bigger and brighter spaces, and they can get quite clinical in their nature.


This brings us to this question: what can make a kitchen feel comfortable? If you’re someone who walks into the kitchen and instantly feels cold and on edge, even with the fancy dishwasher you just had installed, then it’s time to make this central point of the house a lot more homely. If you were wondering how, here’s a couple tips to get inspired by. 

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Add some mood lighting

The kitchen is usually quite brightly lit, with plenty of window views as well. Because of this, during the day the room isn’t too bad, but in the evening, the lighting is harsh and horrible to deal with. 

Which is why a bit of mood lighting might just be your ticket towards a more comfortable, homely kitchen. When you’ve got separate lights to turn on, without activating any overhead units, the kitchen is going to look and feel calmer as you work in it. It also makes having dinner feel a lot more fancy, and who knows how many date nights you could hold on the cheap in there.

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Focus on the floor

Many kitchen floors are typically cold hard, consisting of laminate, tile or even stone flooring. Whilst this has become the norm, the case can still be made for a carpeted kitchen, or even a rug if you aren’t fully ready to commit to the trend. Before you reject the notion, consider the benefits of adding carpeting to your space; comfort, heat and an alternate style to your friends.

If you’re up for investing in a rug for the kitchen, make sure you find one that’s made out of the proper materials. You want a rug that’s easy to clean and won’t instantly soak up any oil that you may spill on it – a rug in the kitchen should not increase the chance of fires.

kitchen bar stool modern decor

Throw in a bar stool or two

Our final tip is a simple yet practical idea. Being able to sit down as you chop your onions or have a chat with your best friend while you wait for the chicken to roast, is a little pleasure we’re sure most would appreciate. If you have a kitchen island in the center of the room or just a spare counter towards the edges of the room, then you have the space to set up a bar. 


As kitchens are primarily standing zones and traffic heavy, having a place to just take a pew for a few minutes can make a room ten times more comfortable than it was before. 


Making a kitchen cosy doesn’t have to be hard work. With a few minor touches and furnishings to suit your needs and style, you’ll be on your way to a comfy kitchen space.

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