The hidden underpinnings of any must-visit restaurant

July 10, 2019

Here, we truly enjoy writing detailed reviews regarding our experience at our local Manchester restaurants. It’s an important process, because more and more people in the UK eat out at restaurants every year. It’s a booming trade, but those hoping to spend their hard-earned cash on a sumptuous meal deserve to know where is worth visiting and where should be avoided at all costs.


Some (thankfully rare) snobby restaurateurs might suggest that a restaurant guest could never adequately describe the underpinnings of a restaurant, and the formula that might make one work. That could be true, in a certain sense. Just because you eat in restaurants does not mean you could make the jump to managing one without error. Many have tried, and while some have succeeded, many have failed. However, being a regular attendee of restaurant life, some essential basics come to mind, some hidden implements that all the restaurants that are worth visiting get right – no matter the cuisine. Let us explore what those principles might be below:

Complete Hygeine

Hygiene is absolutely essential when it comes to a great restaurant experience. Even if you have been rated a 5* in your food and safety level, it’s always important to tirelessly maintain that, and even improve on those standards. Food safety authorities will often leave notes on top of their rating, which ensures that you know where the problems are and how to counteract them. But hygiene must also be in line with convenience and utility. For example, Corner Fridge Company offer incredible walk-in refrigerators that are easy to clean, allow any restaurant to successful store raw and cooked meats separately, and basically reduce any trip hazard from occurring in the least. While guests might not know the extent of what happens behind the kitchen divide, they can often suss out negative hygiene habits a mile off. Do not let this happen to your restaurant.

restaurant interior


It’s essential for restaurants to message what their operation is about clearly, and briefly. Clarity is the name of the game. A guest should not have to ponder for ten minutes regarding how to order, because they should be focusing on what to order. This can happen with poor messaging, but it can also happen with an oversaturation of choice. Many different cuisines, many different customized options, many different layers of disparate information can leave guests unnerved, and that’s just looking at the menu. Keep your menu focused, and tight. No more that six to eight dishes for every course. This also helps out your kitchen, and can help you focus on quality, rather than quantity.


The guest is not always right. But they must feel as though they are valued. Without them, your business falls like a stone in water. It’s important to continually keep your service to high standards. Simple politeness and a greeting is often enough, there’s no need for wait staff to have to prostrate in front of us. Also, treat them well. Share tips between them. Ensure that they are commended for their work. Wait staff are often treated as the lowest rung in a restaurant, when really they are skilled and worthwhile people. It’s important you know this, and allow them to do their thing.


With this in mind, we hope any new restaurateur can take a greater understanding of how must-visit restaurants are made.

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