The Fourteas Cafe Stratford-upon-Avon Review

April 17, 2017
The Fourteas Cafe Stratford-upon-Avon Review

STYLE etc is on tour this week and we couldn’t help but slip in a little review of this adorable cafe stumbled upon our travels. The Fourteas Cafe is a 1940’s themed tearoom located in Stratford-upon-Avon and brings character and charm which befits its hometowns historic aesthetic.

the fourteas tea room stratford upon avon themed cafe

Stratford-upon-Avon itself is an idyllic town, named after its positioning to the River Thames. Streets are packed with Tudor influenced charms, as black and white houses line roads and pave way to open greenery. Canal boats are stationed alongside the riverbanks and sell a variety of lunch foods and ice creams to further add to the endearing atmosphere of Stratford.

fourteas cafe tearoom stratford upon avon inside

The Fourteas Room is located just off the square of Bancroft Gardens on Sheep Street, embedded in a row of adorable shops and restaurants which differ in decor and building age as you go along. It’s cream coloured outer with wooden beam accenting makes it easy to spot amongst the competition, with a host of Second World War memorabilia and replicas adorning the window for authentic decor.

the fourteas 1940s tearoom stratford upon avon shop

Stepping inside small tables are scattered, with a mini gift shop squished into the front to allow faux-war post cards and ration books to be purchased for history fans and the nostalgic alike.

ration book menu fourteas tearoom 1940s1940s tearoom fourteas stratford

A pot of tea with scone and cream and jam accompaniment cost a nifty £5.00 per person, not bad when referenced against the towns other riverside haunts. A full afternoon tea, with cakes, sandwiches, the works, cost £15.00. If your aim is to be super thrifty, you can share a pot of tea and add an additional scone to the first deal.

jam and scones fouteas tearoomfourteas tearoom 1940s afternoon tea

The scones are offered in plain or fruit varieties to suit all tastes and are served freshly made, still warm to the touch when eaten. Deliciously composed, the scones are soft yet crumbly, making a little bit of a mess to eat but worth it for the delectable flavour. The cream comes thick with a good consistency to spread and the jam is standard issue, sweet and supple.

teapot fourteas room themed cafe

If the weather permits we recommend taking a seat outside as there’s usually plenty going on to make for good entertainment, upon our visit a Morris dancing troupe was marching the streets complete with drums and routine.

The Fourteas Tearoom is online for any enquiries and usually open 7 days a week.

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