Dirty Martini comes to Manchester

November 23, 2017
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On Thursday 9th November STYLEetc headed to the hottest launch party in town. Formerly a London based cocktail bar, Manchester welcomed Dirty Martini to the north in style. The Manchester launch marked the beginning of Dirty Martini’s northern venture as they prepare to open another sure hit bar in Leeds.

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Upon arrival we were immediately greeted with a bubbling glass of prosecco and offered a tour of the glamorous venue. Each attendee was gifted with tokens to be used in exchange for a martini. Dirty martini covers three floors which include booth seating areas and dance floors. There is plenty of space to drink, eat and socialise but also, importantly, to dance.

Located on Peter Street, Dirty Martini is right in the centre of town and is the perfect spot for after work drinks or for a weekend night out.

Likewise to the name, the venue specialises in martinis with a twist. Keen to try something different, we selected the mango and chilli martini to begin with. The sweetness of the mango contrasted fantastically against the spicy tanginess of the chilli. A single red chilli lingered over the martini glass – whilst we weren’t quite brave enough to eat this, the presentation was impressive.

Next up on our list of martinis to try was the chocolate martini. Keeping it martini based to link to the bar’s concept and really show what they can do. As a serious chocolate enthusiast this was absolute perfection – think drinkable alcoholic chocolate spread. This was our favourite cocktail and the next time we return, it will certainly be to have one of these.

As the evening progressed a selection of canapes, including miniature burgers, emerged from the kitchen, served on wooden boards as they were offered to guests.

The attractive design of the bar has evidently been developed with Instagram in mind. The mix of black of gold oozes style and sophistication. The lighting in particular caught our eye, with large copper fittings suspending from the ceiling and providing a gentle spread of illumination throughout the bar.

As you walk downstairs from the top floor overheard is a neon sign captioned “Get Down and Dirty” with an obvious link to the Dirty Martini name. On the lower floor there is a large pair of neon angel wings complete with a halo and sign titled “Get your halo dirty”. – A sure Instagram upload. Despite it being the opening night there was a queue of keen photographers ready to get their shot with the angel wings poised in the background.

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