The Crystal Maze Manchester celebrates 1 Year

April 15, 2018
crystal maze manchester 1st birthday

It seems like last week our team was trialling the new Manchester Crystal Maze location in the event of it’s opening and already the live experience has turned 1 year old, giving the perfect excuse to return and see what had changed since our first foray into the dome and zones.

On second attempt at the maze our team was smaller than previously, our first go had the limit of 8 players whilst our most recent visit held just 6. This has both benefits and downsides. Having a smaller team means you get the odd extra go at the games (which could be to your detriment if you’re rubbish) but does mean you may have a disadvantage when competing with the other teams for the precious prize of pride as you scramble to collect silver tokens.

Start the Fans

the crystal maze live experience manchester dome medieval zone


Refreshingly, the maze has begun to offer competitive pricing on non-peak times to entice more customers, with tickets starting from £29.00 for adults. Students and other groups can get offers depending on what’s on offer also.

Overall the experience makes for a  great day out, working well for families, friends or work colleagues to take on together. There were a few hiccups in certain games which could do with being ironed out but this didn’t detract from the night out. For competitive bunches like ourselves this made for a great challenge, the games certainly aren’t as easy as they look on TV.

To enquire or find out more information be sure to visit the Crystal Maze Live Experience online.

As with our last visit, we were mightily impressed with the excellence of the zone sets. Clear attention to detail has been paid to reincarnate the Aztec, Industrial, Medieval and Future zones. Fun extras are added in as you run round the maze, our favourite being the huge slide in the Aztec zone.

The benefit of the Crystal Maze is that the selection of games means even if you’ve played before you are still sure to encounter new challenges you haven’t seen before. From real life Space Invader game to running on a giant hamster wheel, the maze will test you in all physical, mystery, skill and mental categories. Whilst we could divulge more favourite tasks we don’t want to spoil too much for those yet to give it a go.

the crystal maze live experience manchester dome medieval zone london

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