The clothes that will never go out of fashion

June 16, 2019
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Trying to keep up with the latest trends that constantly change can be exhausting, trust us. As colours, textures and shapes come and go it leaves you wondering if it’s worth constantly updating your wardrobe. It’s not recommended for you purse or the environment to overbuy clothes, so we have put together a solution with a guide to styles you can invest in that are sure to stand the test of time. Take a look at our trends that will never go out of fashion below.

Leopard Print

Leopard print clothes have had their moments throughout the decades. Most notably, perhaps, was the 1990s resurgence which saw everyone emulating their inner Scary Spice. 

No matter what era, you can always get away with donning the print, be it in mini-dress, faux-fur coat or statement trousers. The options are endless.


Denim is made to suit everybody and is so versatile. It may be styled in different ways, but the material is timeless in appeal and has adapted to the changing trends of fashion. 

Whether you go single, double or even head-to-toe denim, you will always find something to suit. What we also love about denim is the longevity you can get out of a good pair of jeans. Finding the right brand and fit of jeans will ensure you have your go-to staple for life.

denim jeans
nautical t shirt


Sailor-inspired looks have long graced the covers of magazines and runways, a trend that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon. 

Adding a classic breton top to your collection is a wise decision as the style is so versatile, easy to wear for casual everyday. You also will find endless use from a classic yellow raincoat, not only are they adorable but practical too. 


Groundbreaking, we know, but you can’t deny that florals are inevitable in the world of fashion. The trend can adapt to a multitude of looks, from bold and loud prints to understated and simple, so you’d be foolish not to stock your wardrobe with some floral pieces you can rely on to come back round the fashion carousel. 

If you want t bring your florals through to colder seasons try choosing darker tones and prints.

floral skirt boots


Nudes offer a basic template to build your look on. A simple nude dress with matching court shoes will offer continuous use and be a blank canvas to let your hair and make-up make the statement. 

A classic beige or camel mac coat will also be a capsule piece that is worth investing in. 

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