Living A Life Of Luxe: The Best & Cheapest Locations Worldwide

November 15, 2018
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Some of us are so full of wanderlust that the occasional break just doesn’t cut it. In fact, what we want was to immerse ourselves in different cultures for a more extended period. Happily, it is entirely possible to do this, and in luxury no less. Just read the recommendation and advice below to get started.


If you are looking for somewhere hot and exotic to live, then the capital city of Bali, Denpasar certainly fits the bill. In fact, it’s close to sandy beaches, blue seas, and still has that feel of a bustling city, with places like Jalan Legian overflowing with shops, street food markets and nightlife. It’s also far enough away from the resorts to have a more normal life than those just visiting for a few weeks.

Of course, the critical pull here is that the cost of living is so cheap compared to other places in the world, which when you consider that you are getting all of the above is a pretty good deal. In fact, you can expect to rent a luxe 5-star condo for around £650 a month, and that includes access to a pool and a terrace as well.

Then, there all the exciting and fun things you can do in this city, all for a very reasonable price. In fact, dining at one of the top restaurants such as Kaum Bali, above the Potato Head Ba. Where even the most expensive dishes will only set you back under £20, making it an experience you can afford to splash out on regularly.

Oh, and if you fancy pampering yourself at a spa, it will only cost you £39 for a traditional Balinese massage too. Something that makes Denpasar a desirable option for those of us looking to live a life of luxe, in an exotic location, on the cheap.


The next choice to consider is Singapore, a city-state that actually consists of 63 islands. Now Singapore is known worldwide as a cultural and commercial hub, and is a dream holiday destination for many. Something that may make you think that staying there for an extended period would be out of your price range. However, you will be pleased to note that while not everything is dirt cheap there, there are some more reasonably priced options for people looking to stay longer than a few weeks. In particular, consider finding a rental house in Singapore instead of buying a property. The reason being that you can lease a large apartment, with access to luxe extras such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and some even include access private to cinemas for around £1500 a month. Now, as such a well-regarded city, not everything in Singapore is cheap, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore this location and culture without breaking the bank. In fact, if you plan sensibly you can have some sensational once in a lifetime experiences that you wouldn’t have access to in other locations, all while staying on budget.

For example, Singapore has many attractions like the world-famous Garden by the Bay, Merlion Park, and the gorgeous Singapore Botanic Gardens that are all entirely free to explore. Alternatively, there are some tremendous low-cost options like visiting the Buddha Tooth Temple for around £5 or riding the big wheel on Raffles Ave, or even the cable cars on Harbourfront Ave instead.

Eating out in the city doesn’t even have to be expensive if you know the right places to go. Of course, if you are on a budget, then avoiding restaurant like Fratini La Trattoria, and going for places like My Awesome Cafe is a better idea. However, as the food there gets rave reviews at the latter, you might just be getting the better end of the deal anyway.


Naturally, in such a desirable location, you would expect that the living costs to be high, but those looking for a luxe life overseas will be pleasantly surprised. In fact, you can rent a condo in the high-end area of Playacar with a private garden for as little as (£800 per month), and as a great deal of the activities are beach, natural, or culture related they won’t cost you a lot to do either.

Good food and drink can be found at a reasonable price in restaurants such as El Boticario, as well. Something that makes Playa del Carmen a laidback paradise for those looking for a life of tropical luxury, on a budget.

If you are looking to combine beach life with luxe life, but still keep to your budget, then Playa del Carmen is a place you should definitely look into. In fact, there you can expect coral reefs, and palm trees, as well as a city that revolves around the beach and the strip next to it. A place where you can find restaurants, shops, clubs, and bars.

Chiang Mai

Finally, before you decide where to live your luxe life, don’t forget to consider Chiang Mai in Malaysia as well. The two main draws of this place are the wealth of ornate Buddhist Temples that cost as little as 30 BAHT (£5) to enter, and the stunning natural areas that surround the city with tropical forests. They are also pretty big on elephants there and have sanctuaries and even retirement centres for these magnificent beasts.

Accommodation is super reasonable as well with a high-end luxe apartment in Chang Klan going for around 50,000 BAHT, and that is with access to a swimming pool, fitness area, and a western style kitchen as well. Something that means you can certainly live a luxurious life on a low budget.

Basics such as food, and clothes also only cost a fraction of the price as well. Although, eating out, at the top restaurants in Chiang Mai like David’s Kitchen will set you back around £100pp. Something that means you may have to keep the really fancy dinners as an occasional treat while drinking in the exotic and captivating culture of this beautiful city.

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