The benefits of downsizing to a smaller home

July 3, 2019
downsizing smaller home

A happy home life is something that everyone deserves. And when looking at houses, size certainly matters. Contrary to popular opinion, though, bigger isn’t always better. 

There are several reasons why you may wish to consider a smaller property rather than a bigger one. Here’s all you need to know.

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1| Financial Savings

Perhaps the most obvious reason to downsize relates to the financial aspects. Selling your current home to buy a smaller home will usually give you added equity. It may even allow you to avoid the need for a mortgage. In turn, this can allow you to invest in better furnishings and enjoy a better quality of life. 


The financial savings don’t end with the purchase either. The operational costs related to heating the home and fixing structural faults will be cheaper. Insurance and council tax can be significantly cheaper too. All of these savings can reduce stress, which will allow you to build a far better relationship with the home. 


On a separate note, reduced space encourages you to stop wasting money on unnecessary additions. This will save money too. 

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2| Added Flexibility

Due in no small part to the financial savings, opting for a smaller home gives you far greater flexibility in the market. You could consider relocating to a more exclusive area, either in your current city or further afield. Moreover, downsizing allows you to look at flats, apartments, houses, cottages, bungalows, and more. 


It’s also possible to consider old period properties as well as new builds. When looking at any house for sale, knowing that it is built to suit your personal preferences counts for everything. When size isn’t the most important factor on your checklist, your hopes of finding the dream property are greatly increased. 


Furthermore, you’ll have opportunities to make additions and upgrades to further tailor the home to your needs. Stamping your authority and personality becomes easy. 

3| Improved Family Connection

While the thought of a big home seems amazing, the truth is that it can disconnect the family. After all, you’ll all be spread across different parts of the home. When the property is a little smaller, it actively encourages you to interact more frequently. In truth, this is the key to building a happier home life for everyone. 


You can take those sentiments to entirely new levels by opting for open plan living spaces. Likewise, connecting the garden to the home via sliding doors can encourage an improved recreation. This also overcomes any issues that could have been caused by perceived space limitations. 


It’s still possible to enjoy privacy in your home. However, you will feel closer than ever, which can only be a positive. 

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4| Reduced Maintenance

One of the other big problems connected to owning a bigger house is that it takes an age to clean. Frankly, it’s very difficult to truly enjoy your home life when you are continually working on the maintenance. This is a seldom discussed benefit but it is truly one of the very best incentives to think about downsizing. 


Downsizing encourages you to avoid clutter. Likewise, the fact that you’ll be eager to retain as much floor space as possible should make cleaning duties far easier. When supported by the right appliances, from dishwashers to robotic vacuums, keeping the home nice and clean is easy. Better still, paying for additional services like window cleaners won’t cost a fortune. 


When you spend less time fixing the home, you can spend more time actively enjoying it.  

5| Go Green

The need to be conscious of our surroundings and the damage caused to the planet is greater than ever. Running a smaller home isn’t only cheaper, it’s greener too. When coupled with the fact that it enables you to lead a simpler life, there’s no doubt that this benefit should be considered. If nothing else, it’ll make you feel good. 


Having a smaller property also gives you the chance to look at using solar panels, investing in water-saving toilets, and other key items. The fact that any upgrades will require fewer materials means that you are causing less damage in both the short and long-term future. When seeking a better way of life, your home is the place to start. 


Besides, it’ll reduce any guilt felt from other activities such as driving.

Downsizing certainly isn’t for everyone, especially if you are planning to start or extend the family anytime soon. However, losing the desire to own a big house solely due to image and perceptions can transform your world. 


Big or small, happiness is the most important element of all. Do not forget it. 

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