The 9 Emotional Stages of getting a Kitten

July 6, 2016

Since getting my kitten – Jango, I’ve turned into a parent. I say this lightly but my kitten is like my child… the thought of the term ‘crazy cat lady’ used to make me laugh, but now whenever I hear the term, I proudly accept the title. Here are a the 9 emotional stages of getting a kitten, things I have learnt since getting my cat, which I’m sure other crazy cat lovers will more than relate to.

1. Never leaving the house without saying goodbye.
I never leave the house without saying bye to my kitten, the immense guilt of leaving him alone gets the better of me and I feel like I have to let him know I’ll be back. My boyfriend gets a quick “See you later”, my kitten on the other hand gets a kiss, a cuddle and a “Bye bye baby”. Cat Parents will know its more common to cuddle with your cat more than your partner in the average day.

9 emotional stages of getting a cat or kitten
2. Standing on your cat is the worst thing you could do
The guilt! – Do they even know what we’re saying when we pick them up and cuddle them saying how sorry we are for not noticing their little paws. I genuinely feel terrible when it happens and want to give them extra kisses and cuddles… not that the kitten wants them but they’re definitely having them.

3. Outdoing your parent Facebook friends with images of your ‘new child’
No one gets bored of seeing photos of your kitten fast asleep on the sofa, your child on the other hand is a different story… that’s all I’m going to say. There’s a reason cats are someof the most liked posts on instagram.

9 emotional stages of getting a cat or kitten

4. Talking back to your cat when they meow
It’s the only type of conversation you’re ever going to have with your cat, so may as well make it interesting. My kitten meows quietly as hes falling asleep – I take this as him saying “I’m so sleepy” and of course I reply with “aww my baby, go to sleep” I can’t be the only one who does this.

5. Feeling like a neglectful parent when you leave your kitten alone
The thought of him being on his own, crying for my attention makes me feel so guilty.“Sorry, I can’t come into work today, I have a needy kitten that wants my attention” is a perfectly acceptable reason not to go into work right?

9 emotional stages of getting a cat or kitten

6. Coming to their rescue during their first cat fight
No one bullies my child, even if he is a kitten, I’ll still be there to fight his battles although it was probably my sassy cats fault in the first place, I can image him giving it out to others and then getting cocky when I come to the rescue.

7. Sleeping in an uncomfortable position so you don’t wake the cat
This basically happens every night of my life, you soon adjust to having to sleep in the most awkward positions, just so our little angel gets the best comfiest night sleep – waking up with a bad back and sore neck is worth the pain.

9 emotional stages of getting a cat or kitten

8. Getting used to being woken up by bites on the nose
Oh the ways our kittens show ‘affection’. Bites on the nose, a kitten jumping around your feet or even scratches to the legs when you move the slightest bit become common practises in the bedroom. Having a kitten sleep in your bedroom is full of fun surprises to wake up to.

9. Giving up all hope of having intact curtains/wallpaper/sofas
We recently redecorated our flat a few weeks before we had Jango in our lives, not the best idea. We now have curtains with ladders in due to him climbing them like Spider-Man and tiny scratches in our brand new wallpaper where he decided was his scratching post. All with the territory.

Hope at least some of you kitten and cat lovers related to this post, please let me know in the comments if you do… or if you don’t and think I’m a crazy cat lady (which I probably am) Share your favourite kitten stories with us, we would love to hear them.

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